1. A balloon is roughly 60,000 feet in the air or 18 kilometers. They have some pretty good advantages to satellites, a satellite can take images, but they can’t linger in one spot and constantly watch, you’d have to have different satellites orbiting and crossing over one spot to continue surveillance. Also satellites aren’t close enough to use radar and LiDAR, a balloon can lower itself to use both; theoretically scanning under the ground for tunnels in military bases for exact locations and the ability to count exactly how many icbms are hidden in certain areas, or whatever a country is hiding under the ground. This is also just technology we can think of or know of as a common citizen, generally the military is 10-20 years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to tech, so they could have some new technology that does some crazy scanning and has to be that close.

  2. They've had ground/wall pentagon cameras since the early 2000s. I read about one in Japan back in 07'. They have all the tech they need without the balloon but OK, if you say so.

  3. Good thing the USA only has one pentagon to spy on...

  4. I'd be more worried about the national laboratories and arsenals. Right up the road from me in Tennessee and just a few hours down south from me in Alabama, you would be surprised at what goes on.

  5. Now you’re playing word games because you can’t admit your wrong about 2nd amendment rights being unlimited. You agree then that your rights are limited and the Supreme Court also agrees that there are limits to the 2nd amendment. You just have no ideas for what you want and can’t construct an alternative because you have no idea about what you’re talking about.

  6. No, I constructed the ideas in the original statement. I'm not playing on words and I don't admit anything about being wrong.

  7. Ok let’s work through your original statement. A) the atf is unconstitutional because b) they infringe on your rights. (The 2nd amendment)

  8. I don't want to make it better. Basic interpretation of the Constitution is all that's needed. The federal government should not be doing 90% of what they do.

  9. The love of freedom has been replaced. We now love comfort. We love only ourselves.

  10. "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

  11. I got five jabs and I have more money than you ever will, which is why I’m going to outlive you.

  12. Eat your scraps and be grateful civil society lets you exist.

  13. They have no choice, no one has taken my existence and I am someone that will do what I can to see that we keep natural rights if not get more freedoms.

  14. You got banned for bashing cops? Which sub?

  15. Been saying, for at least twenty years, that if there ever comes gun confiscation the police will be the ones doing it.

  16. That’s funny, because I’ve looked for any response from the NRA about the new brace reclassification, but all I’ve found are an inbox full of begging for more money and selling useless shit.

  17. You could toss Blackrock on that flag as well since they have some big post war deals lined up already with Ukraine.

  18. Actually sponsored by the American taxpayer...... Benefitted by a number of these corporations and politicians around the globe!

  19. I think ACOGs became commercially available during the 90s. The very first design originated in 1987, and I think by 1995 they were available to consumers.

  20. In 1995 the Federal assault weapons ban was in full swing. Only rifles that were grandfathered before may of 1994 were able to be owned.

  21. That rifle could have been completely legal during the 94 AWB if that barrel is not threaded. Only thing that would need to grandfathered was the mag.

  22. Old people love to say "no one wants to work." Almost as much as "get off my lawn!" They've only been saying it since 1905.

  23. Let's just stop at challenging the ATF! They have no legal basis under the Constitution, so let's stop challenging their rules and and just challenge the agency.

  24. I guess so. Just about every time some freedom is allowed to be enjoyed, the police cry about their safety and how you don't need your freedom.

  25. ATF is overstepping its authority! Do you know why?

  26. I'm betting the sheriff also regularly oversteps his authority. Do you know why?

  27. Hurry, give them several billion more dollars, maybe that will solve the problem! /$

  28. you seem like a very miserable person. i’ll sincerely pray that your life improves

  29. im not the one praying for others to suffer because of my bad decisions but you do you. thats not Yah you prayin too fool

  30. You aren't either, the fool is the one that thinks that God, that knew you in the womb, is hearing someone that defends the murder of innocence (whom God knew while they were in the womb).

  31. Nice for him that there is no one to refute if he has a relationship with Epstien or not.

  32. I had a buzzard fly right into my left hand and windshield at about 45mph. That junk hurt for days but I'm glad I didn't drop it.

  33. You know, a lot of doctors won't do a vasectomy for a man without his wife signing papers saying she knows about it and agrees. Something with that government contract you sign when you get married........

  34. I'd rather they introduce the bills regardless if brandons gonna veto. We have new hires in office so we get to find out who votes against them, and that they AT LEAST KNOW and are willing to present what so many of us are thinking.

  35. They'll vote for them now because they know it won't go anywhere but later vote against or abstain. They want to look good to their base and what better time than when they know there will be nothing done.

  36. Democrats aren’t trying to change laws to make speech illegal. Or medical care. Stop lying.

  37. I should have done this sooner but I debated in good faith. I looked at what you're subbed to and I should have known you were a socialist/communist.... What's more government authoritarian than wanting the government to control everything? You can't achieve socialism or communism without government control. What a waste of time! A pedophile commie.

  38. The only authoritarian here is you. You vote for the party that drafts legislation to fine people for their speech. The party that makes medical procedures illegal for you. It’s hilarious how little self-awareness you possess.

  39. Yes libertarians, you got us! We just love government. Go away, back to your white people Twitter.

  40. just saying you need to hate on ALL governmental entities, not just cops

  41. I don't have issues with EMS or firefighters. I only dislike that they tax me (steal from me) for services that I should choose to pay for or not.

  42. you know EMS crews have abused their authority to rape patients and firefighters needlessly destroy property and steal items from houses set on fire right?

  43. Did they go to jail for it? Do they have qualified immunity? Do they all enforce immoral laws? Do they all cover for each other? Or is this a situation where a few have actually done some shit and have been punished for it?

  44. They won't just leave the guy alone. Everyone knows this guy is against doing these kind of things yet they still keep dragging him into court until they can break him. At some point, this should become frivolous and people filling lawsuits for discrimination on these grounds should be held accountable.

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