1. From Translink, Hi Matthew, we have rang around to a few of the depots and we can confirm that all buses that are outside have been either vandalised or torched during the parades. The buses inside the depots are the only ones we have left that operate.

  2. I work 30hrs per week. 3 x 10hr shifts. I work every Sunday. 30min drive to work

  3. Because they are opening more stores

  4. They aren't opening more stores, they are doing up existing stores

  5. As you said yourself you don't work for them, either do I. Their graduate program is very popular, pay above the minimum wage moving to a living wage next year. Constantly considered one of the best employers in Northern Ireland.

  6. Nothing special about that article "The discount retailer has committed to match the Real Living Wage, as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation" How silly does that sound! Its the least they could do

  7. My magic ball is out of batteries. I'll let you know when I get new ones

  8. It’s the serving queens death… she served for over 70 years.

  9. Luckily most of the people gurning about it take out more than they put in. So they can’t comment

  10. 25 years paying taxes and never claimed any benefits. I would like my taxes to go to worthwhile causes

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