1. It took me 13 hours to record all my lines for the episode

  2. I got my first godku this morning thanks to a goku black rift I was so happy

  3. Let me put the connections here just in case:

  4. It wouldn't be Kiryu otherwise. 😉

  5. I remember some guy telling me that dmc is boundless but I'm gonna be save and say uh uni+ to low multi

  6. I'm on the dante vs kratos side of things and its actually one of my most wanted mu's

  7. Again, thank you, man. And thanks from the compliment on the 3rd page. It was pretty much the money page... besides the first one.

  8. Go ahead and keep your trash taste lol. That shit is bottom tier

  9. Eh, music is subjective. Dragon Dance is better imo but different people have different tastes.

  10. Yeah no joke and also you can probably get DMC to boundless if you buy Jungianism scaling I can explain further if you want

  11. Can I explain to you i via discord because I don't really have the links for this

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