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  1. Wonder what the V6 is for. I'd like it be used the Rotsun.

  2. Phenomenal job. That pickup IRL has the best exhaust note ever!

  3. Christmas wreath lane on Avenue E (I think) runs from 17th-19th street west. Pretty cool, long-standing tradition.

  4. As a diesel mechanic, there are days that this stuff is needed in the shower. The OG blue shit works the best by far though. When done, you ARE squeaky clean, cause there’s no natural oils left on your skin either.

  5. This post lives rent free in my head because even though I changed jobs a year ago, I used to do house foundations and other concrete work. Dare I say we sometimes get more diesel on us than a diesel mechanic ( we spray the molds with it before pouring the concrete to help them come off clean. Sometimes it leaks/ splashes, its always around.) I literally gave up on regular soap for like 2 years and just used Dawn.

  6. Would wholeheartedly agree. For me it’s not so much the fuel or fuel aroma, it’s the black as the abyss oil and grease. Newer diesel oil (used) will basically stain your skin. That shit sucks and looks untidy as hell if you’re out at a nice place with your lady. Or man. Your choice.

  7. Get Excited! I am so fucking tired of Freddy Fowler, I’d never buy a vehicle there.

  8. 1958 Pontiac. Probably a Pathfinder.

  9. Yeah, the Pathfinders were Canadian. If in the States, I think they were called a Star Chief.

  10. I run a Hankook on my F150 and Toyo Celsius tires on my wife’s Flex. Both do phenomenal in snow and ice. One thing that might be a benefit to your daughter would be to call Staley’s on the South Frontage road. They can sipe her tires and I know that does help. Also won’t have any ill effects or wear any quicker.

  11. Melons. And as Martha Stewart would day, “It’s a good thing.”

  12. Make the time with my wife and kids last longer.

  13. '88 Mustang. 2 tone with Dark blue on the top, silver on the bottom. Obviously a convertible also. Aftermarket Kraco cassette player stereo with 27 watts of pure distortion. Interior reeks of Kool cigarettes and Aqua Net hairspray. Lastly, it's got 5-oh badges, but under the hood is the anemic, 90 horsepower 2.3 liter 4 cylinder that smokes more than a blue haired gal at the bingo parlor. Not a manual transmission, but most likely an automatic slushbox, so he can sip on his beer without the hassle of having to shift to the next gear.

  14. How is it that the loyal yearly subscribers never got these cars? I knew about them, but were they just for new subscribers?

  15. I just would cancel my subscription and re-sign up. They even outlined how to do it for existing customers if I remember correctly.

  16. I'm a moron. TIL Thanks for the tidbit stranger.

  17. Newbern looks like a 1999 high school sophomore on picture retake day. Old School Cool. LOL

  18. Who at MT do we have to bug to get the Rotsun back on another episode? Probably my favourite Roadkill car.

  19. I second that. I'd give (well, my wife since she has them) both of my nuts for that car. Loved every minute of that car in every episode.

  20. She’s cool but she likes her home just the way it is. Lol

  21. But you painted HER El Camino, built her a jet boat, AND bought her a wing car (that may or may not be a dumpster fire). LOL Just turn what's left of the driveway into a huge shop with a hoist/lift. Been a fan since the Vette diet article you penned years ago. Thanks for being the gearhead my finances don't allow me to be. Keep Rockin'!

  22. Pete 379. Love the flattop look with stovepipes

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