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  1. Oh boo hoo. I’ve seen much worse criticism happen to other players. Remember how Beckham was treated?

  2. Frasier is played ad nauseum on channel 4 in the UK. We all know it.

  3. Yeah blame this guy. Fucking hell. The sub hates people.

  4. I find the vitriol towards him genuinely depressing

  5. The camera got something in the back of the photo, close to the 2nd car. There wasn't anybody there

  6. Lol the classic 'there wasn't anyone there'. It's getting boring. Although this us obvious a tree or something

  7. You're a fucking echo chamber that hates thick people. You ooze disdain. This is your sub. The royal family shite was the zenith.

  8. Such a dynamic looking world cup. The footage is so crisp.

  9. Does anyone else find David Mitchell's haircut annoying?

  10. Well didn’t know that , clip doesn’t have scoreboard or anything

  11. I think people expect you to know the context when posting on a Manchester United forum.

  12. Lol that was one of the best back 4's ever, with Viera sat in front.

  13. Yup. One of the most famously well organised defences ever. Cup games are always different. As if these dudes couldn't play now. Arsenal would kill for a Keown or Adams

  14. Where did you get this? Apple hot sauce sounds good!

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