1. Gen 6 is the worst. Mega evolution was the whole selling point. Only 2 mega battles in main story. Only gen 6 mon with a mega was a mythical. Need I continue?

  2. I like what gen 6 did to ORAS so... Comparing it to BDSP is way better so... It ends up second worse for me.

  3. You do realize the Nazi party DIDN'T exist yet right? This is about WWI nor WWII.

  4. The Ukrainians are ACTUAL Nazis l, not the woke delusion where anyone they disagree with is literally Hitler.

  5. Footwork? I've never seen anti-footwork until now. It's the opposite of footwork. It's the grandpa going to chemo with a walker work

  6. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this delightful conversation kind sire! Would you like me to summon dozens of men to widespread this very crucial, very important message? But of course! This is the most outstanding, most... most meaningful...! I am truly at a loss for words at your mental prowess to even COME UP with an opinion this truly, mind-bogglingly, sincerely amazing! You, m'lord, have thus contributed more to this society than the Blood God himself!

  7. I had english last semester and we read Shakespeare so like 2 minutes lol

  8. How did it make any sense? At one point I started glancing at the text and read a summary.

  9. Maybe a dirt-ish path would work, also add similar dirt around the mushrooms? Could also do a path made of mostly slabs and cobble stone like material, represent where the ground has been walked over multiple times?

  10. So dirt and what other blocks? I'm new to building, this is my first large build.

  11. So the blocks I would go with for a dirt path: dirt (obviously like ya said), dirt path blocks, coarse dirt, gravel, cobble stone, mossy cobble stone, and moss. Of course that’s just the blocks I’d used and their are plenty of great videos online that show how to make a nice looking pathway.

  12. Well, most of that sounds good. I'm not doing the green. (Under mushroom biome)

  13. Coal isn’t really supposed to spawn at deepslate level, so finding 2 of them in the same spot is rare yea.

  14. The rascal was easily the worst because villagers already exist.

  15. William Henry West (September 1842 – September 6, 1915) was an African American soldier and police officer in Washington, DC said to have arrested United States President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. This is the only known record of a sitting US president being arrested.

  16. “The US doesn’t jail its presidents.”

  17. You are wrong, as Uysses S. Grant was arrested while president.

  18. Rejoin. If it keeps going on and on, you might have a pillaged outpost nearby and killing the flag ones mixed in as well as the normal ones, keeping it going.

  19. Yeah. I never know if these posts are sarcasm or not. The guy is in UL and doesn’t know about Gaia? Sus.

  20. The original comment is false anyway. I have the nekoluga legend... it's easily the worst.

  21. What mobs are they? I see one is a spider, but don't know the rest

  22. Spider, spider, spider, oh and another spider! 😆

  23. I have different standards for what I post to MandJTV and I don't have any comic ideas good enough to fit those standards. Plus the posts there can't have Sax/Zephyr/Sora/other characters that need additional context to get the joke.

  24. someone reposted my mimikyu meme and their post ended up getting on aspitipiay.

  25. how come no mods are deleting posts that break sub rules? Some of us are very annoyed. Ive seen people mention they are denied being a mod because 'currently not looking for mods'

  26. Fun fact. The mods are threatening to perma ban me for things we had to do several months ago when they wouldn't moderate.

  27. This is absolutely the opposite. We are the aggressors. We agreed that NATO would not spread and we did.

  28. well the final skull has to be on the soul sand to spawn him, not in your hotbar (joke)

  29. I am sorry. This should not be the case. The mods (most of them) havent truly cared about this sub.

  30. For the elder catfruit, should uli use my first for slapsticks? I'm close to one now.

  31. Yes slapsticks is the best to use your first fruit on.

  32. Thanks for the list. I saw epic seed was on there as well which is nice

  33. The fact you think the videos Tucker put out somehow disprove anything is a testament to how absolutely uninformed you are.

  34. It's okay, Its my pleasure to stand in the face of nonsense with the presentation of facts. I know reality is on my side, I know I can back up my position all day by simply presenting the facts.

  35. Agreed. I an not good with words. I don't know what else to say to that.

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