1. My youngest (he's still at school) wanted some pocket money last year. A kid in his class has a job delivering pamphlets for a real estate company, so youngest thought it'd be easy money.

  2. You can report companies who insist on delivering to letterboxes marked "no advertising material". The Distribution Standards Board will contact the company on your behalf

  3. Great to know. I shall keep a note of this website. Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of this company.

  4. I don't have a bottle in front of me to confirm that, but I definitely remember it was around that, so I'll agree with you.

  5. I was always told it was 45%, I just googled before posting it and Google said it's between 35% and 45%. I don't even know the brand we have here, the small bottle with the oversized paper label, that maybe 45%.

  6. It was a total vanity project, I got the impression they were doing it anyway and thought it would be good TV. Totally unrealistic for most too, since they clearly spent a small fortune but like you, I enjoyed the scenery etc. so it was a good background watch.

  7. I think I heard that the same story. And yeah, Alan and Amanda wouldn't have paid penny for it (maybe the two euros). And they would have been paid to do it.

  8. Watched it with my Mum. She said you could have made a drinking game out of the number of times Amanda changed her outfits

  9. I never paid attention to what she was wearing. But I loved how Alan had that green overalls.

  10. I wouldn't and didn't appreciate it being done to me when it happened (in Europe).

  11. While he’s technically my step brother, he’s also essentially a stranger to me, as I’ve only met him a handful of times now. As stated I’m a single mum, so I have my own child. And for me personally, caring for my own child is very different than caring for someone else’s, especially one I don’t know very well.

  12. Thank you, honestly appreciate this response. I find social expectations confusing, hence why I made this post in the first place as I was hoping for an unbiased answer.

  13. Oh, good, glad you are getting help. You've gotta think of yourself and your own bub before you can help any one else.

  14. What's that potato juice called? Vodka? That's what we can drink with.

  15. Photograph everything. Email real estate agent. Keep a paperwork trail of all correspondence. Email is better than calling as there is proof of correspondence. If you do call, write down date, time, duration (length of call) and who you talked to and what was discussed on that call.

  16. no matter how I die, I truly hope it won't be so fucked up as to my severed penis being found as a curiosity.

  17. Totally agree with you on this one. I also don't want to be donated to science to be poked and prodded.

  18. Very rarely do you see women get out to throw some fists around. What is is about men and road rage?

  19. My info is a few years out of date. But agencies get their money from employers, so no cost to employees looking for work. There are temp agencies out there too, if that happens to be more suitable to you.

  20. She could sell all this off to make up for the food that's been taken.

  21. I won't mention what the sausages look like. I'm not a fan of baked beans anyway. We don't buy much in tinned stuff anyway. The occasional soup. Tinned spaghetti for the kids. And tinned tomatoes for cooking with.

  22. How do you get the system to work into toddlerhood? My husband and I used the same routine as OP, but now that my oldest is 3 neither of us are sleeping in. The only time I’ve been able to sleep is was when I was sick, medicated and in the guest bed. Occasionally she’ll whisper so she doesn’t wake the other parent up but mostly it’s balls to the wall the second the sun rises.

  23. Just having another thought about this, how dark is your toddler's room in the mornings? Does a lot of sunlight stream in? Try and put up thick curtains and possibly a blind behind it to make it even darker. Makes a difference for kids.

  24. We were lucky that our two, when they were toddlers never came into our room to jump on the bed. But I was the one who had to wake up hubby on my days to sleep in to tell him which one was up. I'm such a crap sleeper that I never actually got to sleep in, but at least I was able to stay in bed and watch a show in peace. I always had an ear open, and could hear movement around the house, hubby would sleep through everything. If it was my turn to get up, as soon as I heard movement, I would get up quietly, go out of the bedroom and close the door quietly.

  25. Walk out of the room, go to the loo, continue what I was doing before flicking it on.

  26. I've noticed in my local shopping centre, 3 barber shops all with different names but use the same workers

  27. Our local shopping centre has two hairdressers, both owned by the same owner. And yes, you see a couple of the staff move from one to the other.

  28. You’re being obstinate on purpose and it’s not as cool as you think it is. Obviously the commenter you originally responded to missed the part about the brother being gay. You honed in on that and they explained the purpose of the comment was about sex, no matter the sex of the person, so you easily should have said “oh, he meant to say what if the brother had a guy over”

  29. Thanks for your back up. I've read OP's post, and I've double checked, no where in the post does it say the brother is gay.

  30. Just out of interest, do you know what her plans are? She may have a medical appointment that she's not ready to tell anyone yet. The only thing (that I can think of) that is booked that far in advance would be a medical appointment.

  31. That's a very good point, I asked my husband if he knew, he said that he wasn't sure but she said it was something she wanted to do?

  32. If it's something she wants to do, it maybe something that has a long waiting list and maybe she's already put down a none refundable deposit.

  33. I know I sound like a old fart (because I am), and I know I had it easy only being on my Ps for 12 months "back in my day" before going onto my blacks (full licence). But now-a-days, cops are really cracking down, red light cameras and speed cameras every where, mobile speed cameras hiding, and police bike riders sneaking around everywhere. I'd hate to get my licence now. Anyway, I much prefer to see you safe and still be able to drive legally without boundaries.

  34. Thanks man, appreciate it. Cops these days especially around Sydney are absolutely brutal so I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing by the law. So long as I use a USB stick and keep the shenanigans to a minimum I reckon I’ll be alright.

  35. You'll be fine. I have a kid already on his Ps. I just worry too much.

  36. Yeah it’s annoying to slow down to 60 on that stretch, especially with hardly any works going on there.

  37. It's a pain the arse, before we could use the shoulder to get to the corner to turn left onto Sunnyholt. Now, we're being forced to sit in traffic until the lights turn green.

  38. It was a short left turn lane though so I’m hoping they’re extending it up to around the Steakhouse - give it 3 more years lol

  39. I'll be finishing up this route during morning peak before the end of the year.

  40. Yes, it's a drop off / pick up zone - generally seen around schools and train / metro stations. And drivers aren't allowed to leave their vehicles.

  41. Yes catholicism also teaches that the consequences of sin to others don't go away with forgiveness from God. And true forgiveness should lead you to amend things with the other. Often you'll even get that as an act of contrition tied to your penance in confession.

  42. Thanks for the lesson. Must admit I am an Atheist but spent 6 years at two Catholic schools back in the 80s. At no point were we (at school) taught to amend things with the other. We were just given penance, which went against my upbringing of apologising to the other and somehow make it up to them. And then was taught at school just to say penance - just didn't make sense to me.

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