1. If you're on windows just use the Windows Zoom

  2. That would be at the cost of less sourrounding awareness

  3. Foamy cum, juan bolsa being oblivious, large slide posts with a dumb punchline at end, cabrón, I want to see your balls, name wordplay (IE one ballsack, ballsack shredder), sex gifs.

  4. For one time, people on this sub's discord shared a meme about a guy having a bike accident, then the injuries got infected and got to affect the prostate, making the seminal fluids get the consistency of whisked egg whites.

  5. I know ir was 1215, one after magna carta

  6. You better be playing fallout or something post apocalypse with it to make it match

  7. No importa que tantos diamentes tengas, seguirás tan manco como yair17.

  8. Por lo que serías manco si no juegas

  9. They MIGHT be better later but that's not an excuse to buy when it's a buggy mess.

  10. German (OP is a Russiaboo)

  11. Estoy cansado. Estoy cansado de fingir que half life es una buena saga. Vengan a mí downvotes

  12. Al menos sus entregas fueron innovadoras para sus tiempos

  13. Lo bueno de ese número es que puedo decir "chúpalo entonce"

  14. Are you approaching, or fleeing?

  15. What does that cyan dot mean, exactly?

  16. if you get caught stealing the dibella statue in markarth you get a quest the rewards you with double damage to the opposite sex all for the price of giving a child to a sex cult

  17. A good pirate knows where to download

  18. It might not be wasted, if people paid for that, i see $200 for making this at least.

  19. How is that wine compared to this?

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