1. Ja, jeg har ein bisschen 独逸語, 日本語, og 諾威語 gelernt. Sie sind 全部 interesante 言語. Jeg har nach 銘々 von diesen 国 gereist, og alle drei 国 sind 素敵, og sehr 清潔.

  2. Not quite, but the languages I’ve tried to learn are German, Japanese and Swedish. It’s tough to get anywhere just dabbling around daily life, I only do lessons in Swedish. I agree that the Nordic languages are very similar to German - which is a benefit having done some of that previously but I think you can study both if you separate across different days. Getting a vpn to access media has helped, but having a teacher is the closest to getting that conversation you’d get if living there

  3. Nice.... I think I definitely need to start having lessons.

  4. Am I the only person that doesn't care about this show?

  5. It's because it's in Perth. I'm going, it's bullshit that the doors open at 6 fucking 30 AM.

  6. Those Pateks and APs aren't gonna buy themselves

  7. Can you treat a thyroid issue? My hair seems to be thinner all over, so I'm struggling to figure out what my options are at this point. Been on all of the big hairloss protocols for 5-10 years

  8. Hard to tell with that racist weirdo it’s connected to.

  9. Just my 2c - if your Isa accounts are still open, you'll have to close them as they aren't tax free if you're living here.

  10. I wouldn't worry about that, as long as OP still has an address they can use in the UK they can keep everything active as normal.

  11. I have all of those things as well, but an Isa account is a tax free income for UK residents only

  12. Legit. All that dust is gone after a few washes as well

  13. Not sure, I'm too scared to check all my assets. They dropped a lot. A lot less than I used to. Cheers, artificial inflation!

  14. Yeah at lhw, izzy doesn’t have enough power to keep people at distance to counter or pose enough threat to discourage the takedown. Jon would have murdered him like he did dc

  15. Izzy works at middleweight because of his insane reach and height advantage

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