1. Musk is the only one who has both the interest in technological wonder as well as the hubris and vanity to believe he could master it and that it would work the way he demands it to work.

  2. Hyperloop isn’t impossible. But I understand what you mean lol

  3. Yep had mine replaced as well because they failed Apple’s test. It’s been about a month and still even if with ANC the ringing continues. It’s unfortunate because I don’t listen to loud music at all, only podcasts and even keep those well below 80db.

  4. Hmm, are the AirPods ringing or are your ears ringing after prolonged use?

  5. Dang maybe you should research into this. It’s weird but interesting. I would recommend not using the AirPods and try some other earbuds

  6. There is no way ip13 lacks so much detail unless you took this picture from a distance and then cropped in a lot.

  7. That’s exactly what he did. He is comparing the main cameras. Not the macro lens

  8. I don’t think it’s that it’s unfixable but more that then there’s an option for the people who don’t want to grind.

  9. Yeah that makes sense. But dude, catching fish is sooooo annoying

  10. The fish I think is unfixable, I think it has to do with their spawn zone? I had an easier time catching them around the willow zone of the greenhouse.

  11. I’m kind of an audio nerd and after every iOS update, I can guarantee they change the sound profile of the earbuds which is annoying af. On top of that, the spatial audio feature sounds way worse compared to when it was first announced.

  12. Oh yeah wasn’t the noise canceling better on release? So is the new AAP2 double the original or the nerfed version of the APP1?

  13. I feel like they barely made any improvements and they are comparing the new the AirPods Pro 2 to the current downgraded version of AirPods Pro. I fucking hate my life. I am kind of an audio nerd and this makes me pissed

  14. Honestly, is complete garbage. Bought the $300 dollars AirPod’s Pro and can’t really hear the promised greatness of Dolby Atmos/Apple’s Spatial Audio.

  15. Watch movies or tv shows that have atmos support. Try watching on Disney plus or Apple TV+ or smth. Stereo songs transcribed to atmos sounds terrible

  16. If you paint it, I would gladly BUY it from you lol. In all seriousness, looks great but put some paint on it and it will look 10x better

  17. I’m sure replacing the cables are gonna be more worth in the long run. And maybe your printer in an enclosure cuz you know…pets are pets

  18. They already got remastered, but a ground up remake for the whole Nathan drake collection would be awesome

  19. That remastered version was just made to run on the ps4 with minor improvements. What I would like is similar to how the TLOU remaster got a remake to TLOU Part I. That would be insane if they do it

  20. If they did this, uncharted one would need to have some stuff added too, just to make it better considering it isn’t a story heavy game.

  21. Don’t worry, save up and upgrade. Wait till thanksgiving sale and stores like best buy will drop the price of the series 7. 7 and 8 are pretty similar in terms of features imo

  22. Agreed but the 8 is worth it if you are a woman due to the new temperature sensor. For everyone , it also has crash detection (which is also on the 14s so it you’re upgrading then the watch isn’t as necessary).

  23. You got that right. I wonder why they can’t just implement crash detection on the watches with fall detection because I believe it utilizes the same sensor 🤷‍♂️.

  24. Petg would be the easiest but most you could also use abs , asa or nylon. Probably not pla just because it might get hot from your hand and won't be that durable over time.

  25. A mouse pad is gonna wear off no matter what. There’s not much heat produced when using a mouse but it accumulates over the years.

  26. How about garage doors. I named my garage “Dolf’s garage”. If I ask Siri to “open dolf’s garage” it works. If I ask Siri to “open Dolf’s garage door” it can’t find a device with that name. (Keep in mind Siri knows it’s a garage and that it’s a door) - if I rename it to be “Dolf’s garage door” - now both commands work just fine but I have the word door in my device name.

  27. It’s like Siri does a string search and if you add an extra “door” to your prompt, Siri bugs out lol. Apple low key should fix Siri because it is not polished as they market their brand to be.

  28. What you have done is the definition of unreal. Freaking brilliant!!! 👏👏

  29. These screenshots are beautiful :DD

  30. Dude what the fucking hell am I looking at. Holy shit lmao

  31. They will accept it but will give you less value

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