‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. It appeals to a wide audience of 6-60 year old white males, they all have the same level of maturity.

  2. Well she's either a ho or she's really into you and isn't happy with her bf.

  3. The student noticed the medication looking different and informed their mother. The mother also noticed changes in the child’s behavior.

  4. Most kids who are prescribed ADD meds these days really fucking need them, it's not like how it used to be in the 90s where if your kid was a little disruptive they'd prescribe 30mg of meth to ya.

  5. There literally is injustice in American society that needs to be addressed tho.

  6. But it's geared toward people that don't fit the description of straight white male, they don't believe there are injustices in America because they feel like black, gay, non-whites, etc., all deserve what they get, it's literally not an injustice in their minds.

  7. As a child, I overheard my Mom say to my Dad referring to me: "She is nothing like me. Are you sure you didn't cheat on me?"

  8. How would your dad cheating on your mom affect your dna?

  9. Yea most of it was okay but there were some really bad scenes that ruined the film, plus aliens have no place in an indy film, keep it focused on the occult and strange religious themes.

  10. Too many dinosaurs in politics rallied against Marijuana and other drugs their entire lives, as q means of gaining popularity. We can't and shouldn't expect them to just roll over and show their bellies, which is why weed won't be legal federally for another decade, possibly two.

  11. I had a beat up 85 Cavalier RS that was slow as shit and handled like a shopping cart

  12. Cavy power, had a 94 that was an absolute tank, got me through like 5 accidents before the trans blew up around 250k mi.

  13. I'll take "things we already knew" for 400 Alex.

  14. You can arrest people for debts?! America is truly trashy!

  15. It's why there was an exemption for prisoners as slaves when the 13th ammendment was written.

  16. Hitler wasn't just some nazi, he was Hitler.

  17. Good luck getting players to agree to that shit. Fuckin' moron.

  18. I get that people don’t love JJ., but how does he get to the entire blame for a sequel that dumps all his leads?

  19. His leads were shit, and the movie was full of too many quips and dumb shit to make it more fitting with the times and appease a certain audience. (like when Fin keeps trying to hold the hand of Rey to "save" her, they had to make a point cuz women are independent and don't need no man hurdurrr, even though in a life or death situation noone would take the time to complain about menial things such as gender norms, especially in a completely different universe where there are much bigger problems than a woman being a bit offended by a guy trying to hold her hand)

  20. If this isn't satire, this woman needs to be institutionalized. The absolute utter pit of social darwinistic, prejudiced... just... *BARF*

  21. It has to be satire, I laughed way too hard for it not to be.

  22. Do they not realize the irony that the same freedom of speech they are "defending" also protects Apple's decision to not associate itself with Musk's toxic Twitter moves?

  23. They don't want free speech, why do you think they constantly ban liberals from their safe spaces? Even if it was for revenge or to create an atmosphere where conservative ideas can thrive, banning anyone with opposing viewpoints goes against free speech.

  24. Liberals supported Elon for years. I think the rough timeline was:

  25. It was apparent to me he was delusional during the whole diver thing, anyone who would risk lives over a chance to wrote their ego is clearly a maniac.

  26. Didn't see it mentioned here by OP but cost.

  27. The adult college student is probably in cahoots with the "deprogrammer" and they split the cash the moron mom paid.

  28. Morning copium and stoking fear are the most profitable means to grift money from conservatives.

  29. Their goal here for redoing the election is to do away with tabulation machines, for 2 reasons.

  30. Is there even a legitimate mechanism to re do the election?

  31. There's most likely a legit mechanism in place, however this isn't a legitimate situation to warrant such things.

  32. When I was in Jr football we played a team from Chicago, the dude I lined up against had a full mustache...

  33. I was thinking that too. Suspicious as all hell. Maybe the women there felt more special since it was mostly all women and they are the “chosen ones” to spend time with Jared Leto. I can def see him playing up that point to keep them hooked.

  34. Most cults revolve around sex, I think most of these women are just here for the off-chance they could bang a hot celebrity.

  35. RN in her wildest dreams, if she actually works at a hospital she probably is a janitor or some shit. Not that there's anything wrong with being an janitor, or even that janitors are dumb, but she's not a legitimate medical professional.

  36. I’ve once worked with a lunch lady who called herself a cook. She had zero training in the culinary arts but still called herself a cook and got super offended if you said otherwise. Her job was to reheat processed shit.

  37. Yeah some people will take a title way too seriously, and a lot of people will claim a job tittle they never had.

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