1. GOP 2024 candidate rehearsing rally speech?

  2. GOP 2024 candidate rehearsing rally speech?


  4. Would it not fall under representing yourself with the aid of google or w/e basically? I think the lawyers who threatened him were just afraid an AI could take their job someday.

  5. If they attack a NATO country, russian TV will be playing Swan Lake for years.

  6. It was a cry for help. He should probably be put under a 72-hour hold for mental observation.

  7. Hunger Games called. They want their whatever that is back.

  8. The word ausessen doesn't exist. Where did you get that?


  10. Solovyov is so getting whats coming to him one of these days. He's trying so so hard to be the strongest propagandist so Putin and his FSB fuckpigs dont pay him a late night balcony visit. It would be sad really if he wasn't such an influence in that ass backward cess pit of a country where people are injected with state-approved opinions to hold. I do hope when Russia eventually breaks up that he makes it on to the Hague list.

  11. He'll "fall out of a window" before justice catches him.

  12. Have that asshat walk with you over to the returns desk.

  13. Offer to have your husband clean her house. Just being nice...

  14. More regulation. More overhead. More bureaucracy. More inspections. More permits. You should have a giant problem with that. Where do you think those administrative salaries are coming from?

  15. I file form 8825s. That form does not say anything about how long a unit is vacant. Try again.

  16. The way he's waving them around, they look more like "self-inflicted injuries".

  17. There's a big difference between claims made by a party commencing a lawsuit and defenses articulated in defense of allegations. Defense attorneys often have to throw whatever they have against the wall and see what (if anything) sticks, especially when the allegations are pretty airtight.

  18. This is going to be a specially difficult since the prosecution will be able to show consciousness of guilt.

  19. This is not a criminal proceeding, there is no prosecution.

  20. Semantically, yes, you can refer to Dominion's lawyers as prosecutors. Judicially, it's another story.

  21. If any of those children suffered ill effects due to Covid, he's going to have to sell his cape.

  22. Me: I can think of one use case that this would make sense for.

  23. Those baby faces will be so popular in jail.


  25. All of a sudden , when they know it's not passing, they decide to do something

  26. Apparently, Judge Middlebrooks owns a 2x4.

  27. You should have gifted her christmas ornaments "for the family" every year.

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