1. However I don’t think I should pay alimony to support someone after a divorce if they aren’t a stay at home mom at the moment and basically back pay them for their time as a stay at home raising our children or give everything i am able to manage to save because she raised our children. However I do believe that I should pay for a roof over their head and food on the table and also a even giving the money my spouse would need for personal expenses if they are staying at home. I don’t think this is unreasonable at all but I could be wrong

  2. It seems like she’s a very career oriented person and when you stay at home you essentially put your career on pause and in some cases might even have to drop out of it.

  3. Don’t get married. Wait until you are both ready and know what you want

  4. I want what Candace’s character wanted. I don’t want him to just get arrested and go to prison thinking he did nothing wrong.

  5. People get sloppy when they think they are secretive and with family. There would have been absolutely 0 reason for him to not believe that Kate would be the one who sent the message.

  6. Joe managed to fake his death and hunt down a woman across the world with absolutely no information.

  7. No because Love is like the old him, who was impulsive and killed with little remorse. Love wasn’t trying to get better she was happy with who she was. She was happy with being evil and impulsive.

  8. I understand what you are getting at but I think if they did it the way you described people would complain about it feeling dragged out. A 10 episode chase where we know what’s going on but Joe doesn’t is a little too much.

  9. Kate’s father THOUGHT Joe knew Rhys due to his reaction to his name. He could tell there was history (though we learned that it was all his imagination), so he leveraged that to get Joe to kill Rhys.

  10. the thing is i swear i saw a dm i sent to my friend say something else for a split second

  11. Would a 3.83 gpa be a good gpa for an in-state student? I’m scared that it’s really low and hurt my chances of getting in

  12. Doubtful about a full ride unless you’re poor and get aid. You need to have valedictorian level stats to get a full ride with merit. The only people I know who got full rides are the people who went to ivy’s.

  13. Handy coincidence he happens to choose the one dude joe is hallucinating having a relationship with and a reason to kill lol

  14. Not a big of a leap tbh. Joe didn’t obsess over a random person. He obsessed over the most famous person in the city. It would make sense for Lockwood to want him gone.



  17. It’s easy as long as you remember the absolute bear basics from the classes you took (ex. How to add numbers, find the slope of a line, unit circle)

  18. Why wouldn't he have a camera on the cage though? I thought him and Love learned to do that in Season 3...

  19. Remember that Joe didn’t know about the cage until Nadia did. It was Rhys Joe who did and Rhys Joe would not have set up an alert to tip off Joe that there is a cage.

  20. Yes, I don't think there's any ambiguity on whether he did or not, but thank you all the same! My point is that it's too risky to be a realistic choice she'd make - hence it's a plot hole.

  21. It was a last ditch effort. The worst case scenario. They said it had a high chance of not working and relied on luck. The main plan was to kill him but it failed when she got arrested and failed to get the knife through security

  22. But Marienne and Nadia wouldn’t have known that that’s what he would have done.

  23. Honestly, when he was about to jump off the bridge and was talking to Rhys about shame (and how bad of a person he was), it was the only time I felt he had actually, very briefly come to his senses. Deep down, Joe has to know he doesn’t deserve to be alive, and if he were to die, who knows the number of people’s lives that would save.

  24. There was also the time when he was in the cage at the end of season 2 and threw away the key

  25. Just one thing, that’s not the tuition but rather the total COA including room and board, transportation, books and supplies, and any other fees. The tuition itself is about 26k per year. Does that change your opinion at all or was that something you already accounted for?

  26. You can probably get an A if you get a 100 on everything else. You can definitely pull a B as long as you get atleast a high B on everything else

  27. No you can’t pick your dorm for the second semester of freshman. Dorms are year long. You get to pick your sophomore year dorms during April on a first come first serve based on randomized times.

  28. Yeah I guess if he fled he could come back and kill Marianne or trap her again. But I think she took a pretty big chance that Joe would never try to follow up and see if her daughter was doing okay or be on the lookout for any obituaries for Marianne.

  29. Joe thinks that her daughter was with her grandmother and just trusted she would be safe. iirc the daughter would be in good hands with the grandmother so Joe wouldn’t have any reason to follow up.

  30. She’s afraid of Joe. From her perspective, Joe was a man who fell in love with, then killed his wife and faked his death and stalked her across the world and found her. She thought she was completely hidden and she found her.

  31. They get to choose between dorms in ellicott community, Denton community, and south campus on a first come first serve basis

  32. You can go to other dorms to shower but are you really going to walk 5 minutes and try to follow people into the dorm just to shower? Just go to your dorm communal shower they are showers you don’t need them to be fancy.

  33. Yeah you're right. I was just wondering if I am able to go into other dorms or not. I suppose based on what you said, I can't walk into other people's dorms unless someone lets me in.

  34. Yeah you need to swipe into the buildings and the elevators so it can be a long wait sometimes.

  35. It means you can request to be moved to a single. The singles are usually going to be the empty ones in wicomico or ellicott

  36. It’s like a mix. What you do in 132/216 is pretty much a foundation and so many classes build off those and are fairly similar.

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