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  1. The skins are meant to be bought by whales. The everyday joe is meant to buy the battlepass.

  2. If we purely look at what AI can and will do, practically everyone is screwed. Programmers and coders might be the next step. Or game designers with AI building games (although I still prefer human made products over AI generated products often and I'd rather see AI do what humans have difficulty to do). There is barely anything which you can't teach a neural network, I think it is then that people will realize what intrinsic value work actually gives to life. (Maybe an unpopular opinion but it is what I think )

  3. AI will be used as tools to make these things easier. The future of art may be humans stitching together the prompts or coming up with the most descriptive and creative prompts or adding their own spin to the ai generated art. We will see an influx of art of much better and sophisticated quality at a much faster rate, but artists will never be killed. Artists will be the ones making the most out of these AI.

  4. Exactly, and why would I ever enter the sub if the season is long over by now? And it doesn't make sense why they are limiting the memes, which is the very thing that keeps the sub alive while we wait for S4.

  5. They should start making shows with complete stories in 2-4 seasons, instead of pretending that every show can be Supernatural and have 15 seasons if they're lucky. It's not true now in the streaming wars.

  6. Tell that to the show creators not to netflix. The people making the shows sometimes intentionally leave cliff hangers to try to get a renewal.

  7. Usually when I don’t rematch, it’s because i want to have more varied fights and want to go against someone else with a different play style. I don’t really feel like fighting the same person again.

  8. The budget doesn't allow for non essential stuff. Filters are non essential, so no filters

  9. 29 bottles of beer on the wall, 29 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around. 28 bottles of beer on the wall.

  10. Don't plan your entire high school schedule freshman year, outside of maybe the really basic ones like math and English; interests (and courses!) change quite quickly.

  11. Ehhhh...I tried 4 year planning when I was a freshman, and it got me nowhere; my classes (as a rising senior) are nothing like what I expected.

  12. Still, making the schedule helps you understand the class paths and the required classes you need. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are stuck taking all the non-core required classes your senior year.

  13. The wife only offered the ring because it was clear that their daughter was upset about not getting her grandmothers ring. Like another commenter said, it was like a consolation prize.

  14. She was most likely going to get her mother’s ring no matter what. She isn’t only getting the mothers ring because their daughter got upset.

  15. I've personally really tried to enjoy Adventure Time, but the show just couldn't hold my attention so I had no interest in continuing and I always end up forgetting about it. maybe the first few season just start off a bit slow, I don't know.

  16. Adventure time is great by the time it gets to the story - the first few episodes are basically just an animation test, then it's random stuff if the week episodes for a while.

  17. Honestly the entire show is random stuff of the week. Even the longer storylines don’t happen all at once. You usually get a random episode that advances that specific storyline or drops hints for it, and then you get nothing about that storyline for another 10 episodes where we get another random episode that progresses the storyline.

  18. I feel like the show is the type of show that excels watching weekly/as it released instead of binged. Even though I absolutely loved the show, I couldn’t sit through too many episodes at a time when rewatching and that’s ok!

  19. I think that says more about the difficulty of AP classes than the lack of it from DE. If AP classes are supposed to be equivalent of college classes, why is literally everyone in this thread saying dual enrollment (literal college classes) easier.

  20. AP classes ARE easier if the only thing the teachers need to do is cover the content. They get more time and less content than a typical 1 semester equivalent university class.

  21. I wonder if Riot would run the mmo at minimal profit (NOT A LOSS) to build a dominance in the mmo market and spread their brand name and drive players to one of the many other games they are planning to release or have already released.

  22. Them being a criminal is separate from their pronouns. It’s because if you strip it away from them, you aren’t just disrespecting them but instead you are devalueing the pronouns for everyone. It makes the pronouns provisional instead of concrete.

  23. Stop trying to defend miller. He even said he's okay with he/hims.

  24. If they are ok with it then its fine. From what I can see online though, it seems like that’s not the case.

  25. 0.854 is 0.52 meaning 48% of the people don’t pass every 100-300 level class the first time. There are also people who drop out of the major even though they pass the class, which would bring the percent of people not graduating with a cs degree up. Then again, those who fail a class once can just take it again and pass.

  26. You DO NOT send scores until AFTER you already accepted an acceptance to a school.

  27. If the game seems interesting then you’ll probably lose at least 100 hours to the game. Is 100 hours worth 35 dollars to you? For some people its not and for others its a steal. Its all about what you value.

  28. Short people can like tall people anyways, and it is a preference that you want your other half to be intelligent, actually we all are attracted to inteligent people, it is preference not a sexuality lmao

  29. Its not a preference. Sapiosexuals are ONLY able to be attracted to intelligent people. Its impossible or very very very rare for them to feel any attraction towards unintelligent people. It is not like a sexual preference where other factors like personality or arm size or whatever is able to negate the lack of a specific trait.

  30. My question is how does your school have the authority to restrict you like that? How do they stop you? What happens to someone who does more?

  31. That would require teachers or counselors to enforce that. I really doubt they'd want to keep track of what schools their students are applying to. Trachers in particular.

  32. It’s probably the counselors that came up with/pushed for the rule in the first place. Atleast in my school, you had to send the school a form detailing where you want the counselors to send their letters of recommendation, and another form for where the teachers need to send the letter of recommendation. There was also a middle man service where the teachers uploaded their letters of recommendation which got sent to/added to the common app/coalition app or whatever application portal the university used.

  33. The dub for fmab is really good. It honestly might even be better than the sub. Their choice of VAs was very fitting, especially considering the western inspirations for locations and characters.

  34. Really? Cyberpunk would have never happened pre-internet updates. I've been gaming since before your time and even I recognize that.

  35. Games like cyberpunk did happen. Its just that everyone forgot about them because no one would play them. People only remember the good games from their childhood.

  36. Convenience is tip toeing the line of pay to win. It speeds up your progression because you are able to spend less time sorting and because you will be able to sell more things at once. Heck, you can’t even easily sell items in poe freely without an external software.

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