Remember Wutang and PleasrDAO?! Looks like the plan might be to live auction an NFT from DFV (Purple circle?!?) 💜🍆👀 🔥🙀

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CEO of the company that started investigation in shortselling briefly talks gamestop, that SEC takes no action against shortsellers. Also they are talking to multiple CEO's and prepared battle plan against naked short sellers

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Gary Gensler: "I believe that our markets aren't as fair and competitive as possible. To modernize our rules for the modern markets and make our markets work better for everyone, we put forward four proposals on key parts of our equity market system. But we need your input to get that done!"

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The new Kiraverse game is using Epic Games as their launcher, makes me wonder.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. I checked too and after the halt there was a big difference between bid & ask is all. I'd see the bid in my account value, but the ask in the purchase zone. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Does anyone know anything about the portfolio of the director who left? Did he file a 13f or whichever form big traders file quarterly?

  3. I doubt it. Unvested RSUs wouldn't be worth as much as vested shares. They're a reward for future work that was paid out in lieu of the original agreement. Imagine someone asks you if you want $100k over the next 5 years if you continue working with them or $20k now and you're free to go wherever you want whenever you like (or stay).

  4. But what if twitter's price had been far below the fair market value at the time the offer was announced and a bunch of shorts were forced to close by the price ascending to meet the offer?

  5. I wouldn't worry too much. It's definitely possible that there could be a super low valuation but they would have been negotiating the M&A months ago with an average price much higher. The board wouldn't care if the share price diminishes after a price is agreed, they'd focus on closing the deal which I'm guessing they've done.

  6. Lmao - so the hedge funds were testing their algorithms against stocks in free fall and accidentally jacked up the public market?

  7. I assume this is the collateral/"long" side of the swap. The side they use to post margin to hold open their "short" side.

  8. This falls apart mainly because reported short volume includes both new shorts being opened as well as shorts being closed. So if reported short volume is 80% one day it's possible that 40% shorts were opened & 40% closed. In that case there would be no change in short interest.

  9. Idk, I won't get my hopes up until an announcement is made. Too many people have leveraged this community for marketing hype.

  10. My 2800 shares are chilling. I didn't sell at $1.30 why would I sell now. My average is ~$9 for those curious enough to give me a hard time.

  11. Same, my cost average is like $14. No sense selling here. Might as well wait & see

  12. We either get rewarded for holding or ill see y'all at the unemployment line.

  13. When Elon announced twitter acquisition & the board accepted on behalf of shareholders, the price shot up to the acquisition price the same day. Then it started doing clunky shit when he tried to back out.

  14. Do you think $10 is a reasonable M&A price?

  15. No I just picked $10 because it's an easy example to explain the idea, I have no idea what an ideal M&A price would look like. My average share price is like $14 so I don't think I'd be thrilled about $10.

  16. Sus! I like that they're acknowledging it but I think they just want to drain retail money with distractions. The call to protest did it for me. MLK was big on not protesting without extremely good reason and only as part of bigger plans to push laws, either by challenging existing ones through litigation or by lobbying.

  17. The stock traded 10,000 times its reported short interest, its very interesting, we have 0 risk having it happen. The market cap is still tiny meaning there’s not much money in the stock or for retail to lose if they’re piling in

  18. I'm not saying it's not real, it could be. I just don't know it and am going to stick with the sure thing myself. I do think it's weird that DRS isn't listed on the list of ways to disrupt naked shorts while delisting is.

  19. I'm not sure about anyone else but I can say the first reason I wouldn't follow is that there's no proof RC bought any BABA at all. It seems like a transparent attempt to find bagholders by leveraging RC's fans. 300 P/E, ~$80 million Citadel holdings, there are lots of reasons not to buy.

  20. This, the twit tweeting has proposed a nuclear option that materially damages shareholders

  21. How is it fud? At worst it's unrelated. If it's true a company like Alibaba could be a perfect company to look into M&A with BBBY, because they have a market cap that makes BBBY debt a blip to them, but have an integration with USA retail market where an acquisition of their customer base and geographical footprint could be a huge asset.

  22. they are a state-controlled company under the heavy oversight of the CCP. How in fuck's name would that be "a perfect company" to do any business with?

  23. Looking into it further and I'm now on your side, does seem very sus. 300 p/e ratio, citadel has $80 million stake, and there's no 13f from Cohen who hedge funds know has a bit of a following. I think they're just aiming for Alibaba bag holders.

  24. no one knows, any one who says they do is lying, but i will say, i have read so many things about this company and to me, it does look like m&a is a real possibility... theres a few hires and different firms workig with bbby rn that kinda support this thesis, litterally just hired someone whos 3rd bulletin of expertise is litterally m&a's and extraordinary corperate transitions or somthing of that sort.. that alone to me is enough to give the idea credibility... plus, wheres all these missing filings

  25. I completely agree that M&A is a real possibility! I'm not arguing here that there's only a bear case or anything like that, only speculating that the 10Q has good odds of not coming with additional info on any potential M&A. It might include more, but it seems just as likely that it won't.

  26. A lot of this is fair. I just really want people to temper expectations here. The workload on the internal accounting department is pretty intense around the impairment testing. When you're internal accounting, each day you're late on releasing statement is pretty painful. Since your core job is to provide materially accurate, timely financials that can be acted upon. At least for me, I took a lot of pride in this when I was in the thick of it. Just please try not to read more into it than this.

  27. This is exactly how I feel about it! I gotta say too, I'm a huge fan of your work. I have a tendency to get stuck in my own confirmation biases so it's been awesome with this play to have you explaining the bear thesis consistently with financial reporting. In terms of my own investment strategy too it's really helped me not to overextend myself which in turn has helped me remain more detached since I can watch something I'm invested in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised in the good case rather than watching with high expectations and being disappointed when we run into hurdles.

  28. I suspect it's more that he was setting a floor price for a possible acquisition, which isn't the same thing as guaranteeing a price by the original expiration date.

  29. Does anyone know where I can find a full copy of Harry Markopolos's submission to the SEC with Madoff? I'm hoping to detail some of the red flags regarding GME as clearly and logically as possible given the public info and I'm struggling to find a free place to read his for reference.

  30. I don't think this is evidence supporting the claim. A game going through the epic games launcher just means it was built with their unreal engine. Tons of Indy games also launch thru epic games and they definitely aren't partnered with or sponsored by epic.

  31. This is probably not real evidence. Launching thru epic games just means the devs used unreal engine to build the game with. It definitely doesn't imply a partnership with epic games, tons of Indy games do the same thing and they aren't partnered with or sponsored by epic.

  32. Is being listed in the epic games marketplace the same thing as being run by epic games?

  33. Stupid. Even if SHF's found a way to win I wouldn't give up. I'd just leave the legacy financial market completely and only invest in hard assets I control, and put my efforts towards helping others understand how fucked it all is. Why go to a table where you know the dealer is cheating.

  34. The fidelity fee is more reliable. Sometimes other brokers spike it up like this to sucker in retail or margin call them before bringing it back down as if to say "it's over! Sell now!" while fidelity continues rising at a slow pace.

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