1. I have both. Pretty similar, but I prefer the dash, similar stopping power but a little faster and less initial friction. You also have the option to get the larger size. You’ll be happy with either though.

  2. Which size of the dash did you have?

  3. I got the biggest one (XL?) because why not, but if you’re on budget or sum, the large size is fine. I also don’t have my keyboard on my mousepad if that makes sense. I use it all for my mouse

  4. I was having a similar problem. The problem is, you shouldn’t be flicking that much at all, especially when holding an angle (that was the main time I noticed this for me). Try just holding the angle wider so you don’t have to flick as much.

  5. There's a beta firmware patch that fixed my issues. It's definitely a bug of this model. I now have my dongle about 1.5m from my pad and I don't get any stutters or disconnects.

  6. Did you get the patch exclusively or is there a link I can download it at

  7. I just bought the mouse today, felt the need to add as one of the users who has the same problem as you. USB Dongle is connected to the Motherboard USB Port facing the wall to my left. I'll try to use the built-in port of my case then.

  8. I tried this and it felt like it got worse... maybe you will have different results though

  9. By stuttering, do you mean like random momentary disconnects? I’ve been having the same issue

  10. Upgraded from the viper mini. Nice length (a little shorter), a little wider, which is noticeable, but I do prefer it (total preference). Wireless sort of makes up for the weight difference. I’d say the orochi is a little more forgiving with the shape as well. I’m super satisfied with it :)

  11. I personally am liking it better, but it’s different for everyone at the end of the day

  12. Maybe I’m just unobservant but my black orochi v2 hasn’t had any problems at all so far. Super satisfied :)

  13. I would sit and cry that there is no counter but really there is. Teams should be shock darting, nading, or satcheling around the stars they need to clear.

  14. Can you break the stars? Like with shock darts or satchels?

  15. No, but it will clear or give you peace of mind that the choke point you're entering is free of kj util

  16. Killjoy util isn’t the real problem though, it’s astra stars that are broken.

  17. A wise man once said: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  18. I would assume it depends on hand size. A larger hand will be able to fingertip grip a larger mouse but not a smaller hand

  19. It’s HRTF. Of course it’s an improvement. If you say it’s not an improvement, it’s because you aren’t used to it. Same thing happened in cs:go. Everyone thought it sounded funny at first, then they realized how good it was

  20. Are... are you complaining about dying against better players in a competitive game mode that allows you to get the ability to win money through tournaments when you reach champs? You from

  21. No they’re asking for help on what they can do in the given situation.

  22. Anyone else kinda move their whole head? Or just me?


  24. In the same boat. Tired of playing ranked in plat, I’d much rather play 10 mans with people who are at least are trying to get better

  25. Don’t give up openings and do info pushes/get map control

  26. Follow up question: how do you get info by pushing while also staying safe and not dying early? Do you just push with a teammate or is there a better solution?

  27. I think you just lower your sens lol

  28. Right? Seems like they’re handicapping themselves, but to each his own I guess

  29. Be honest, is any mouse worth $190? Is it really gonna make you go pro? For me, I don’t know if there’s anything that would convince me to pay that much for a mouse.

  30. Correct me if I’m wrong but you can change the LOD by holding the dpi button and pressing either mouse 4 or 5. Don’t have the mouse personally but I’ve seen that said around a couple of times. Give it a try and see if it helps

  31. For a nice smooth glide, the top recommendation you will probably hear will be the Artesian Hein or the X-ray Pad Aqua Control Plus (uncoated). Haven’t tried either myself, but these are the pads that come up over and over when looking for that smooth but controlled glide

  32. I’m no mouse guru but it seems like the Vaxee Zygen NP-01 would be perfect for you. Great for claw grip and it was designed exactly for the issue you were having with your pinky finger.

  33. The mousepad company is said to have an almost exact same texture/weave.

  34. I know there’s people here who think it’s a wierd decision but honestly i don’t think it’s that weird. Brax was brought into this team to be the star player, the hard carry guy. I think we can safely say he isn’t that type of player. While he may be good in a supprt role i think there’s better alternatives out there especially if you want that #1 spot.

  35. Not necessarily a bad decision, but a sad one none the less

  36. Artisan mousepads are damn good mousepads, but at the end of the day, they’re a piece of cloth on your table. They’re not going to make you a pro at whatever game you’re playing. You can buy a good mousepad, but you can’t buy game sense, aim, patience, a good mentality, etc.

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