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  1. Probably 1176 people that should of not been doing what they were doing. Go ahead eat me alive idfc. I said what I said.

  2. So just to clarify you are not a charity? LMAO

  3. Looks like someone just finished watching the Commanders V. Giants game...

  4. No I watch the bears game unfortunately. However I did see they tied as I was leaving the gym and I hate it. Play till there’s a winner


  6. Sorry, I read the rules and must of been a zombie I’ll fix it

  7. Amelia Earhart. She used to be super famous for her flying, but fell off at some point.

  8. Heard she just spiraled out of control. 😬

  9. I would tell said person I’ll think of them when I masterbate next. Then look them up and down and wink. Yes I might be a Ass sometimes but don’t project your religion on me.

  10. It’s a Glock bro. Nothing more nothing less lol. Shoot that thing.

  11. Never have I ever ever missed an opportunity to see my wife’s boobs

  12. The females in A specific breed of dolphins have a chemical in their vaginal juices that makes males have nonstop orgasms as long as they are mating. Not only that, there was a research study some scientist did where they tested its effects on primates and it caused a monkey to die from nonstop orgasms.


  14. I don’t get why people get so worked up over gay marriage lol. Idc what my neighbors do as long as they are not hurting any one.

  15. With the carpet gone nobody would know there was a huge mushroom growing under the passenger seat

  16. Maybe we just aren’t fancy. Maybe he is squillium fancy pants

  17. I’ll make you tacos and touch your butt!

  18. I got the boat, she got everything else

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