1. This scumbag piece of shit... I'm jaded, we've all read about this over and over... but seeing this piece of human shit "praying" with Ted Cruz (scroll down) made me stand up and swear all anew.

  2. Two useless people doing a completely useless act together. Perhaps they are praying to fly private the next time their community needs them to do their job.

  3. These weirdo Euros think something happened to us on June 1st, guys.

  4. Common for me for sure I think it falls into the realm of imposter syndrome. However on my more mindful days the impact and influence the disorder has/had over my life makes it pretty undeniable. When I get to having the feelings you're talking about I talk through it with someone so I'm really glad you did that today.

  5. I think it shows that the DOD and the various branches at least began following through on looking deeper at the issue per Secretary Austins call to do so.

  6. I think the Josh Allen comp we all want is actually pretty close, even on the negative side. JF1 will probably still make some boneheaded decisions like JA still does at times, believing he can make the play, and it will cost some games. But there will be plenty of times when JF1 will make a great play and it not be completely FUBARd by one of his weapons and we will win more often than we will lose.

  7. I'll take a QB with "killer instinct" any day. Surround him with the right talent that gives him those options. 100% right on with this, I'll gladly take a miss here and there knowing the guys playing with that mentality.

  8. "Is the Pope Catholic" being used as a retort to an obvious question/statement can be used to it's fullest potential right now, for this story.

  9. For those of you just tuning in, look up the Metcalf incident in San Jose a few years back

  10. I lived in South San Jose at the time. I swear I remember hearing these gunshots. It was loud as fuck.

  11. First off it's terrible the trauma you have experienced noone should have to go through that. You are having some serious flight/fight reaction and that's completely understandable.

  12. "I've had enough of your shit!...and I feel much better and more regular. Thank you, thank you sooo much!"

  13. I was downvoted for bringing up lab grown meat in a reddit thread about hugging cows.

  14. Well if there is only lab meat then there's no need for cows and if no cows then no cow hugs. Makes perfect sense you'd be downvoted in a cow hugging sub./a

  15. The problem is grazers have a symbiotic relationship with us & the land.

  16. No disagreement from me. We essentially selectively bred cows and chickens ,as we know them today, into being.

  17. Bears fan here. Rodgers has been the greatest "heel" in this rivalry. We love to hate him and you love that we hate it. End of the day this is entertainment and Rodgers knows it. The Rodgers chapter is coming to an end as we all know, do I hope we get the better end of it next go round? Obviously. I just hope however it goes down at least one side has such a willing villian to play it up for us.

  18. Prescriptions are usually "tiered" by insurance plans and the amount of co-pay is determined by that. Preferred Generic Non-Preferred Generic Preferred Brand Non-Preffered Brand Specialty (These are usually the most expensive and deal with severe long term Illness or require compounding from specialty pharmacies.)

  19. Thank you so much! I didn’t see that lookup tool before but that’s game changing for me.

  20. You can also call the pharmacy and have them do a lookup base on your insurance and they can tell you exactly what it'll be. Sometimes people get nervous with that but if you call or find out their slow time they will help you out.

  21. (I'm good but I'd put a trigger warning on that video) (Qualifier I have bipolar disorder and every point of evidence points to that. Demonstrably true by every known metric available to mental health providers. Medicine and therapy are all valuable tools that help manage this disorder. Now I shall attempt to have PERSONAL THOUGHTS and a slightly nuanced discussion. I intend ZERO harm but the OP asked for thoughts.)

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