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  1. Actually it's true, maybe not the 1800 but Red meat consumption is down, exercise is up and carbs have stayed the same. Eating animal fats is also down. Yet cancer and chronic illness is rising. Some studies think this might be caused by seed oils and processed food in general. Such as crackers or fake meats.

  2. I have replaced 100 or more at VW and knew exactly what was wrong. I would remove both wiper arms and pull the linkage and motor. You will have to pull both long linkage off because the nut is covered by one of the arms. Keep track of which long linkage is on top so it goes back the same way..... you will get it.

  3. So I need to remove the wiper arms, and try and got the long linkages out how do I do that btw? And then I can get the small linkage and moter out? Is there anyway to just do it while it's all connected? I guess not

  4. Your going to have to pull the whole assembly. Arms, cowl trim, 3 mounting bolts, and connector. Work on it on a bench to correct the 180 out. I don't think it can be done in the car but you can always try. Good luck.

  5. Managed to do it inside the car, I remove both wiper arms and undid that small linkage bolt and after an hour of trail and error it's perfect Thanks so much I'll have to make a video on it as can't find any help for this anywhere

  6. Not much to tell, chest freezer in the garage with the filter on top, lift the filter up open the freezer grab a pizza place filter in and then find out 3 days later

  7. Are they really thaaat carcinogenic? Like what kinda increase are we talking about? If it was that huge shouldn't Germany have much higher rates of colon or whatever cancer?

  8. I believe the increase is from 6 to 7 percent, essentually for every 100 people you have one more getting cancer

  9. Because Xbox isn't even a consideration for many people and rightfully so. Look how barren their line-up was in 2022. A bag of nothing

  10. Yeah but game pass, holy shit game pass is literally the best thing in gaming.

  11. Microsoft handled this brilliantly and you literally don't need to do a thing as a consumer, playstation on the overhand what a mess

  12. As a extremely tattooed man with various tattoos from people just starting out to well known professionals in the industry I see nothing wrong with this tattoo apart from slightly bleeding lines.

  13. I never understood the Elden Ring one. They're not even the same genre of game. OW2 was a much better Infinite killer but it released with so many issues that it made Infinite's launch look perfect in comparison.

  14. I think we need a generation flair in this sub.

  15. I'm too old to have watched this but I'm actually also old enough that I was young reading the books that this show is based off!

  16. I havent been giving games enough of a chance recently, I just tried out metro exodus and fucking love it. Do you guy recommend this series?

  17. It's free to play. I don't think that's okayish. Took Halo 5 a year to drop out of top 10 as a full retail game. Infinite isn't even a year old yet and hovering around #17 as a free to play title.

  18. It virtually does not exist outside of English speaking countries. Rather than expanding its footprint with a F2P title, it's losing more relevance.

  19. Used to be top of the UK charts back in halo reach days, now it's in its 30s halo 5 was top ten for a long

  20. Has Halo ever really been as popular of a game outside of the US? Just looking at sales numbers for the ps3 vs the xbox 360 in the UK I am assuming not.

  21. Games have come back from worse. If you needed any indication that it can come back. The HCS tournament had over 100k concurrent views and over a million unique viewers in total

  22. Yeah and how many of those where people just getting there fomo rewards

  23. Ah they changed it recently? And I’m hoping to get the achievement on a specific day just coordinating it, so earning offline may not work for me (in the past, earning achievements offline has disabled the unlock date, but maybe on the newer consoles that doesn’t happen anymore)

  24. Yeah in America, it's something like 29 in the UK, less players than cod cold war

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