1. Ya I would accept you based on gear/gems/roster lvl/lvl 2set. If there are better geared people in the pool, I would pick them instead.

  2. Kiasuness, road rage, government housing not insulated from external price pressure. Corporate driven privatisation of rental spaces will continue to put price pressure on local businesses till they are effectively driven out of the market.

  3. For pinnacle glaiver, what would be the best 5 engravings if I don’t want to run curse doll. Do I run entropy?

  4. Had full Parties of 1490s fail normal vykas runs. I now only join title parties

  5. Ironically PM is cheaper to build than TTH. Getting a good 5/3 PM accessory will cost you a minimum of 50k+ for green, and then finding another 20k TTH ring. And then a 50-100k neck.

  6. Bought my 3grudge/3tth blue neck for 10k. The same neck for PM would have been 5-6x the price. PM books are double the price of TTH. Spec/crit PM is stupid expensive to build.

  7. Just flare, it’s only 10g if you don’t want to phero. The people before you have alrdy sunk gold into the raid. Using consumables shld nvr be mandatory but it’s nice if you do.

  8. I blew 200 for my soulfist just for a 6/6. 95 is probably average bad luck. At this point if I get a 7/6 on a legendary stone I’m Nt rerolling on relic

  9. The math behind grudge being ‘the best’ depends build by build. For a casting reflux sorc for example, 5x 3 with adrenaline, hm, reflux, kbw and all out attack is strong. You don’t need grudge there to be ‘good.’

  10. KBW has immense diminishing returns because we are already running crit dmg tripods

  11. grudge on alt is easy if you're a dps main since you should have or will have legendary grudge book anyway.

  12. Swapping out your offensive card set just to use grudge is a way larger dps loss than just using an alternative engraving

  13. If it’s cheap, you are able to fit 2 doomsdays into your igniter window, why not. It’s still a dps engraving.

  14. All alts to 1415 and get them out of yoho jail. Then maybe 1445 your main. Getting to 1415 still does take a bit of time but you need the gold from the full roster to hone to 1460

  15. OP is looking for the most efficient way to hone characters. Getting to 1415 without honing research is incredibly inefficient.

  16. Oh ya that’s right, if you don’t care about ur alts just park them at 1370

  17. Buy a bus and get familiar with the fight. When you are confident enough, hone 15ilvl above the entry limit and try and complete it.

  18. Pheons actually don’t impact flipping for accessories, they were meant to prevent flipping on stones which are easier to corner the market. The only reason why Pheons exist on accessories/skins is to give a cashback to AGS everytime you make a purchase. In real money terms, you are paying 178.5bc/433.5rc or roughly 4.33 USD for every relic accessory you purchase with pheons from the cashshop. This translates to a stable consistent source of revenue for the game to keep running.

  19. Can do 4x3 and at ilvl to let ur skill carry you since this is a static for a new raid. Overgearing is only for things on farm and pugging

  20. If you can get cheap relic accessories with HA2 and 4 rows of proper engravings. People won’t gatekeep you outside of vykas hard mode. The dps will be quite smodge but you at least have quality of life and can do most content in this game. Spirit absorption is just bad on crit/swift builds and you still die to most things in 2 hits.

  21. Zyoxx, enviosity, tententen some of the genshin streamers that are entertaining/informative in their own way.

  22. I was told you need at least 1500 spec in order to enjoy deathblade, which basically means you need all of the most expensive accessories and the class sucks until relic gear? No thanks lol

  23. 1550-1600 spec, all rage runes,max out orb control, lvl 7 maelstrom gem for my RE to finally be enjoyable

  24. Ppl that adopt this term really just want a job to pay the bills but feel no additional attachment due to circumstances ect. It’s a passive form of retaliation for more on the job satisfaction by doing less instead of asking management for more. Sort of a small middle finger at management over control of their employee boundaries.

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