1. those are some speedy thumbs huh, could probably see myself doing this in a few eons, not trynna flex on y'all 😤😤 grats on the score tho, specially for a thumb play

  2. kinda forgot to post the FR scores so

  3. those fuckers are a pain when you just started playing it lol, took me a handful of tries to just start to get the hang of it, and even then i still manage to fuck up sometimes lmao

  4. 3 days ago, clearing my first FTR 9, Ignotus, and somehow got an A too lol. by far felt way better than a FTR 8 Full Recall, i actually felt like i improved, even if it was just a simple clear

  5. I hate to be that guy, but when I was in a underage discord server (I was underage as well, we all know this.) we post nudes and can confirm that we have around 6 to 7 inches, most of us are Americans.

  6. back when i had my first smartphone i remember being bored and just pulling out the battery and chewing on the sides cause it always looked like a tempting bar of chocolate

  7. You're the reason we can't have field-replaceable batteries anymore

  8. blame the detachable casing of the phone always opening and the battery falling off whenever you dropped the phone, not me. though i do miss it, it was much simpler, and it made fixes even more simple

  9. really late but i use 1.4, max i could go would be 1.8. i can't get used to a fast scroll speed, I don't know why, i just can't read those fast-falling notes. this problem also happens with other Bemani games, and it's the problem why I can't get good at 2D Bemani/Mania games, the notes fall too fast and the 2D angle makes it even worse to read them.

  10. Yoasobi, port by sensitiveusername

  11. if you want a REALLY good animated game then i recommend

  12. insexual awakening is pretty good. there's also twisted worlds and iirc it's sandbox, but the sandbox part comes in into chapter 3 i think

  13. aww, really appreciate the help but im on ps4 and i already bought it. gotta say that the decals are really worth it, specially the cena one. maybe there's someone on xbox who can't buy the pack, but thanks anyways!

  14. you actually can, the black stays but you can change the sec color and all the paint finishes

  15. Man look ik you're young but you seem smart, so I just hope your comment was a joke. Granted it's not a funny or original joke and was still pretty much transphobic but whatever, just try and keep an open mind please, it's just not funny or worth bringing people down for a joke or a belief like that

  16. yes, it was a (bad taste) joke and tbh i just don't care, you should be able to take insults and just wipe them off. i used to get called a shit ton of stuff back on school (and still do sometimes) and i just didn't care, i've had and got worse problems to deal with than getting called a funny word, and everyone here probably does too. at least I'm glad i dont have it as bad as people on actual 3rd world countries where they actually have to survive through rough shit and live on shit conditions, my respect goes to them. downvote me, that's my opinion.

  17. This is how incels are born, don’t be like this. You can be better to others so that they don’t have to suffer, even if you did. Have a great day.

  18. What's the hype around grassy?

  19. it's pretty much one of the darkest paint finishes you can get, makes dark blue/red look almost like black

  20. ouch, that's a rough rock to turn over, especially with something as niche as adult games. the most similar concept i've seen was the Candy Shop Catalogue series by Roninsong and even that was just an animation.

  21. melty's quest female mc is kind of tanned, rpgm game, it's on sensitiveusername's many blogs and might be on f95zone

  22. Yes. I bought it more than once even. It was better back then.

  23. yeah, they don't get money for the game anymore so they have to rely on screwing up people so they spend money on the item shop, thats what happened

  24. They chose to switch from selling the game to doing that. It wasn't exactly "oh no the game is free now, how will we make money?"

  25. point still stands. the game was "slowly" dying, not getting new players, that means no revenue for them. god bless epic came and made them go free, otherwise this great game wouldn't have been as recognized/popular as it is now.

  26. i just wish he'd actually use the designs he uses on his thumbnails. often the thumbnail shows an interesting octane and then the video is the same boring octane you see on every other video

  27. Yeah having so many comments “jokingly” asking for the link leads me to believe this sub isn’t ironic for many of its users.

  28. this is a sub about sex offender memes, are you really expecting people to not meme being a sex offender for funny internet points?

  29. can't you just issue a refund on the game? i know it's sony and they really dislike charging back people their money but on cases where the game is actually unplayable and/or full of bugs they will (most of the time) refund you since it's a mistake from the developers. they did that for CP77 im pretty sure they might do that for this game if you push the issue enough.

  30. legit got it first damn try on a new account with 1 ticket. i had stopped playing the game quite a long time and i was wondering if there were any events that gave you 30 quartz just for logging in so i created a new account, finished turorial, went to her banner and just threw whatever i had. i was not expecting a 5 star, not on my first try, and even less a 5 star who is deemed to be the best there is.

  31. maybe try playing in a few weeks until all the ranks have sorted off and become normal again, or just keep playing and get good by just playing the game. aerials would help quite a lot since most players around that rank either wait for the ball to drop or just aerial but end up missing. dribbling would also help

  32. I might wait out for a couple days and spend hours practicing, I'm currently working on quick successful high aerials and speed flip mastery, since I can do them but its really inconsistent. Thanks for the advice though!

  33. also add half flips in there if you don't have them consistent, they're by far a really important mechanic to have in hand

  34. Good job! now the only thing left are those juicy rewards

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