1. In Dungeon Crawler Carl, Donut talks about Carl watching videos of women washing each other, I didn't think much about it until my third relisten of the book.

  2. It is probably dead. It has been like 6 months since the author posted anything.

  3. Damn it, it was so good and nice to read

  4. No, it was not bad. actually it was a great game to build it considering you had not a really supportive support role if makes any sense, so you can cover that really well.

  5. Thanks for the aniiealysis! Yeah bramble was questionable, but I have an excuse for it

  6. Your lacking the damage if your playing top never go this but if your supp shen then go for it

  7. I wish they had the essence emporium a bit more I have 213k in blue essence and nothing I can use it on

  8. Essence emporium is on hiatus what basically means it won't come back

  9. LOL wait no ducking way, why? It hardly seems like a tech challenge to continue with it, and it’s literally the only be sink in a game that has a large part of its player base that have been playing for years with nothing to buy.

  10. Well I have all champs since you could level from lvl 30 , I know what you mean:)

  11. Any plans for kindle or Kindle unlimited?

  12. Oh god OP thanks for the laugh Needed that haha

  13. Fütak, Aizo, both stopped playing him lol. And hey are the main known Toplane Maokai OTPs. Both negative winrate on the champ on diamond/master elo 🗿👍. Seems about all right!

  14. As the other one said aizo took a break in preseason So just wait he will come back:)

  15. After two years in relationship we had our first fight where we were upset

  16. Wie heißt ein Pfarrer im Busch?

  17. Wie nennt man Ministranten noch? Kardinalschnitten

  18. In meiner lokalen bubble hat sich derzeit das Freistädter Bier sehr beliebt gemacht Rotschopf und Ratsherren vorallem Auch das Imperator

  19. It's intentional, and it's because you installed the app through Google Play, and Google has made it so all app purchases for apps you download from their store can only be made through their store.

  20. My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror, book 2: Greenblood, by Actus.

  21. So what I read we can expect book 7 in February listed?:)

  22. Can someone say why the fuck you pay that much for a wedding? Bachelorette Partys here are where the bride and here fellow girls are dress silly and party in the city and sell silly little things like gingerbread hearts with dirty sayings and party the whole night

  23. Oh god I'm bawling. This was so sweet to watch

  24. As a German speaker it's so funny to understand and at the same time can't understand what he is saying:D

  25. I cried when I killed a character in one of my series. And when it came to the edits, I couldn't keep him dead. It just hurt too much to see him gone.

  26. So now you need to say who was almost killed in what for an series xD

  27. It just shows how i fucking hated the support and roam with jungler meta in 3v3^

  28. God that's why you should have a pc beside your smartphone Can't open the website

  29. Hi! Besides just waiting, I have book 9 pinned in my discord announcement channel for easy downloading.

  30. thank you will try it that way. still not working on my side

  31. I gave it back and rebought it but it's still the old book

  32. I would be married to an Calvin klein model who is running in France Italy America etc makes good money and holy hell does he looks good

  33. Ich trau niemandem mehr mit "bester kebap" . Lebensmittelvergiftung, verschimmelter salat, ratten die beim haupteingang aus und eingehn uvm. Ich trau mich pber keinen kebap mehr drüber in Linz. Beim test der AK war ja die hälfte der getesteten nicht zum menschlichem verzehr geeignet. 3 davon sin in meiner nähe und verkaufen ihren dreck genau so weiter wie vorher.

  34. Wie du sagst, die meisten sind absolut grauslich und qualitätsmaßig echt unter aller Sau

  35. ich geb dir mal nen vertrauensvorschuss und glaub dir. wird demnächst probiert^^

  36. Ich kenne das mit dem Vertrauen auf andere Meinung und wie misstrauisch man da sein kann:D Lege a viel wert aufs Essen

  37. Man muss nicht auf einem Strich gehen, ABC rückwärts aufzählen oder sonstigen Blödsinn machen. Das einzige was man machen muss wenn die Kiwarei dich verdächtigt ist ein Bluttest.

  38. Naja se haben mich das machen lassen, woher sollte ich wissen was se machen dürfen wenn ich das erste Mal kontrolliert werd

  39. Ouhhh the spiciness if some of his family finds his Reddit account or get a tiktok video of this BoRU. This situation is unique enough so you know who is it about

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