1. Loveli little machine. The tiny antennas fit there perfectly

  2. Honestly it is up to what you prefer. You either want to use a bigger GPU or a smaller case. Ultimately the DAN is a beautiful case, but even if you cram in a bigger GPU, you are a bit limited with thermals anyway and the GPU would run a bit hotter or would not boost as much as it usually would in a bigger case. So you would basically pay whole price for not the whole performance in many cases (there are exceptions if you are familiar with GPU tweaking and undervolting). Hence you could theoretically use the velka with a smaller GPU like the ITX version of 3060 from PNY, PALIT or MSI and let them run in their default mode without much tweaking.

  3. Really nice build. Good job with the clean cable management. It is tricky in Velka 3 but you managed to get it done.

  4. beautiful and clean. I like the photos very much.

  5. the L9 is lovely. Maybe if it would be just 10mm taller, it would be more efficient. But for very restricted cases it's perfect.

  6. The GPU in this build shows the nice versatility of the case. I like this build very much.

  7. Beautiful case. The combination of wood and black metal is perfect.

  8. nice build and very clean photos. I like it.

  9. nice build. I love the look of the TF cooler.

  10. I personally do not mind the location of the CPU power header, but I would love ASUS to bring back the rear qled status display, clear cmos button on the back, a very good audio board and VRMs with proper cooling heatsink on a daughterboard. Especially the clear cmos button saved my day so many times. But it was a bit painfult to fit a big tower cooler (Cryorig R1 ultimate) that has touched the VRM heatsink

  11. Purrrfection...but how is this possible? Where is the rad?

  12. So lovely. I use the same case when moving around my rig. But mine does not fit with all peripherals inside. The 945 Nanuk was so much spacious for this (but also larger)

  13. This is an insane build. Where is the radiator

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