1. Someone talk me out of Mahomes over 311 yards passing and Pacheco over 59.5 rushing

  2. Patriots teased to -2.5 Fields under 199.5 passing M. Jones under 244.5 passing

  3. Probably tailing. Gimme some reasoning :)

  4. Miami ML, chase ATTD, Hill ATTD +960 with DK 20% boost Risk free up to $10———————————- $10 to win $106

  5. How do I find this hill ATTD +960 on DK?

  6. First of all the approach was rude. Couldve handled it a little different. On the other hand, famous people love it when they have some time for themselves. Like joel wanting just to light a cig and chill for a while. Then a kid like you comes and says FIST BUMP!

  7. I’ve been lucky enough to have met multiple artists and have not once asked for a picture. Not my style. Just wanna say hello for that once in a lifetime opportunity. They have all been pretty rad except for today.

  8. Time and place for everything, dude. We all know he's not the type for random public interactions.

  9. Yep, that’s what I took away from it! I had to say hello at least, otherwise I woulda regretted it forever.

  10. My lord, dude handed the fire fighter two mountain dews he had on him 😂😂😂

  11. Will never forget that sunset man 🥺🥺🥺

  12. No way! That’s me and my crew’s Morty totem in frame. Sorry for blockin the view there for a sec. Hopefully you got in on that 3 hour late night PL barn set!

  13. Fresh Tracks is running. Google them my buddy just used them a couple weeks ago.

  14. Fresh tracks is running confirmed! Last departure time from the airport is 3:30 on weekdays. I land later than that :(

  15. Thank you all for these great recommendations! My friend has an appointment scheduled with a recommendation from this thread.

  16. Pretty Lights is what got me into electronic music. He was on the Bonnaroo 2009 lineup, and in going through the artists I didn't know to make out my schedule, Finally Moving just spoke to me like no other electronic artist had before. He got scheduled late late night after Beastie Boys (their last show ever), and Phish. I never made the PL set after having my mind completely blown at the What Stage. Turned out he played until sunrise that night. But from then on, I started giving electronic music a chance and expanding my horizons. My next chance to see him was Roo '13, and due to my dumbass getting no sleep at all the night before the fest, I missed the set again. Finally got to see him the first time at SCamp last year after so many years. That Red Barn set.... holy shit.

  17. The 3 hr red barn sesh in that super small venue. So epic

  18. I did the exact same thing with my bike as a coverup!

  19. Still have yet to sell the tickets if anyone else is interested!

  20. Floatrite is the way to go 100%. 0 problems and super chillin.

  21. It's a big piece of property right next to the venue and the apple river (perfect river to chill and drink beers in during the day). Floatrite rents out their property for individual camp sites. Camp site are much more scenic and spacious compared to SSMF sites. I highly recommend.

  22. Check your inbox my friend. I messaged you about this inquiry.

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