Pays to be nice to the BK lady. Asked for one she filled up the bag, literally have about 200. I’m going to stack a bunch and give some to friends for the XP tokens. But I’m going to give 25 away. If you need the skin comment “Conor” at 8pm EST I’ll start sending the codes out.

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  1. My joystick keeps on going down with out me doing anything. The joystick it's self isn't going down, but the Xbox registers it as doing so

  2. Im really bad at explaining things but its called stick shift, common issue with older xbox controllers, there are solutions on youtube however id personally recommend buying a new base for the joy stick itself off amazon and replacing it because most youtube solutions are temporary or are easy to make things worse

  3. Are there any other ways to fix it without buying anything?

  4. It's a well known visual bug - you haven't earned the points at all.

  5. It sucks cause the servers are down and I can't use them :(

  6. How did you do it? All I’m able to do is make goofy photos with Talion and his faces

  7. First I apply a filter, then i might go to styles and choose one. To make the background different colors, I go to backdrop and choose either flat or fade

  8. Naughty Bear. Played the hell out of that game back in the day.

  9. You could always go red dead style and make the beards grow longer as the campaign goes on.

  10. Get better internet and if you can't nothing can really be done

  11. I got the kiwi headstrap (like the oficial elite one) but I should have gone with the one with the battery pack.

  12. Good to know. I've seen elite straps broken though, so I might not get a official one. Probably I'll get a strap from Amazon or somewhere else. Thanks slot tho

  13. 1 thing i hadnt originally thought about was AA Batteries for controllers. after 2weeks i ordered some rechargeable ones called SMARTOOOLS AA.

  14. thanks. I'm not sure if I can afford those batteries, if they are expensive

  15. When you can, get a battery pack of you plan on playing for hours on end. Also maybe a replacement headstrap.

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