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  1. Great athlete! The rest was kinda cringe though

  2. but if true, the man would probably only get about a year in jail for rape. Clown world.

  3. Or we won't. Especially if we have already died and come back. What if we just come back again and we still don't know. Fuck.

  4. nobody goes anywhere or comes back , its all bullshit

  5. I could literally shoot one of these things from my bedroom window right now. No idea how people find hunting interesting...

  6. People are idiots. If you think Mike should win but not Matt then you are stupid. Mike had the cheek to say that Matt doesn't live in the same world as the rest of "us". Mike has married into royalty, he lives in another world above us AND politicians. Matt didn't create covid, nor did he make or enforce the covid rules. As far as this show goes, Matt has been brilliant. He deserves a top three finish. I find it hilarious that all those voted off before him are utterly perplexed that they have been beaten by Matt.

  7. exactly , prob cos he came across as a genuine guy ( its the only way you win in there ) , thats why Charlene was voted out first , false and pretentious.

  8. There's no way that many of the students are that excited for him, I don't get why schools seem to care so much about sports. And ngl, I thought that was just an american problem

  9. they looked pretty excited to me...suppose it depends on yr outlook

  10. Man..Scientific testing was unforgiving and borderline immoral back then, eh?

  11. Has this guy never been near a dog? Who touches one like that. It's a fuking 2 lb puppy. What is it gonna stab you with its 1 cm fangs.

  12. And now that the young people of Iran have seen enough American movies to be brainwashed, they have decided to destroy everything in the country.

  13. i suppose they just want to be happy & have a life ... instead of the repression and misery.

  14. God be praised! While I murder these innocent civilians! Allah would be proud.

  15. the religion is just a smoke screen , its rly about power & control.

  16. Well, as the responsible parent country the US should step in and make this situation better.

  17. Yeah like Iraq & Afghanistan ... remind us how that worked out

  18. I think it abbreviated from arse injected death sentence

  19. Lol, not another Reddit approved underrated band. Newsflash, this band has never been underrated….Reddit has got to be one of the most clueless areas of the internet.

  20. This should probably be in trashy the way we are all gawking over a suicide

  21. I don't think that they should be doing maintenance if that is making them gag that hard. I'm saying that, I would have them on every single job with me until they quit just to watch them have a fit every time they smell human shit

  22. the worst warcrime in the history of our universe crazy how the us wasnt facing backlash

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