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  1. I can't bring myself to go to Arby's without a coupon. Their coupons are always so good, it tells you just how high the margin is on their sandwiches.

  2. I can’t bring myself to go to Arby’s without getting diarrhea immediately afterwards.

  3. I actually just decided to make a huge life change and try to go to bed and wake up earlier. I used to stay up until 12 or 1 just mindlessly scrolling, then wake up at 7:57 and meander into my work space.

  4. Interesting. So what’s the fix? Controlled burns and restoration near seed sources?

  5. There doesn’t seem to be a political will or budget for the level controlled burning that would be necessary to return these areas to a historic range of variation in terms of fire frequency. This article is pretty biased in my expert opinion, being very much from the rancher/economic side. The impact of ranching on conservation in the western US is orders of magnitude the impact of woodland expansion.

  6. I watched this movie last night for my niece’s birthday. There were maybe 4 other people in the theater. I had no idea it was coming out at all. My niece seemed to like it.

  7. It’s hard to say, because it is a children’s movie and I am nearly 40. I thought it was sub par, in terms of a movie that kids and adults can both like. It seemed formulaic, predictable, joyless and humorless. Like, I think I could try and determine what felt lacking about it to me, but I really don’t want to waste time thinking about it that much. My niece had fun though and that is what matters to me. But I don’t think I’ll ever suggest we watch it when I am babysitting her. It did have parts of it that looked cool though.

  8. Let's say it's a modern 82-game season and then they go to the playoffs which are structured in the modern way. No time travel, they just happen to exist in our time as they were in their prime. No future players. Say they're a typical team which has played together as much as any team has played together. I'm not testing for the effects of sci-fi circumstances here. Let's not complicate it too much, LOL.

  9. I like that you are trying to keep it non complicated, very scientific of you. I want to push back a bit though. You say it is an 82 game season, not an exhibition game. Then I will say that you need a 15 man roster per the nba rules. Also if you only had the 5 of them I think they would be totally gassed form the season and would get beat in the playoffs from over usage. This brings up my next point, salary. The nba salary cap this year is 123.6 million. If you fill out the roster with ten rookies you still have to pay them the minimum of 925k a year. So 123.6 - 9.25= 114.35 mill to split between the starters or 22.87 mill each a year. I don’t think these guys will go for it. Tim Duncan would take a pay cut, and Lebron would agree for everyone to be paid equally, but I don’t think you could convince your entire goat team to get paid less than Anfernee Simons. So maybe there is your fatal flaw!

  10. Maaaannnnnn.... fine, you don't want to do the simple thought experiment, then just say so.

  11. I didn’t know your thought experiment was supposed to be simple. What I Find interesting is exploring the possibilities, and trying to figure out the limitations you are imposing on your scenario. You asked about a possible fatal flaw in your goat team so I was trying to think outside the box. But if you want to stay in the box then the debate about great old players seems to comedown to if they were only so great in the past because of lesser competition (plumbers and firemen) or if players now are only better because they are more athletic because of modern nutrition and training. If we look at more objective athletic metrics like the 100 meter dash we see that the world record time has decreased by nearly one second over the past century. But the debate remains the same; would athletes from the past perform as well as current athletes with modern training regimes (or maybe even better cause they were actually more tough?) however, It is impossible to compare between eras; so let’s take that aspect out of the equation. If you put the best players per position on a team now and gave them a generic (by this assume you mean average, or slightly less than average ) bench; would they win the championship? Yes they would (unless they imploded sue to chemistry issues, but exploring that is probably more complicated than you want to get into) To me that is not really very interesting a question because the all nba team is so OP. So it is more interesting to me to think about how a team like that wouldn’t win, but if you don’t want to play along that is fine.

  12. They should at least eat gourmet bugs! There are some pretty fancy things I can do with food bugs. Gut load Madagascar hissing cockroaches with teriyaki bananas! Marinate those suckers from the inside!

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