1. TKL with a Bluetooth numpad when I need it, which is hardly ever.

  2. He is by far the most reliable dealer I’ve had.

  3. Damn I didn’t know about this tweet. That’s really cool. I’ve been listening to Flight Facilities since their first studio album dropped and even got to see them live last year. Every time Clair de Lune comes on I think about Byron. It’s really wholesome to see that some of my favorite creative minds have crossed paths and this makes me appreciate FF much more.

  4. Gigachad Marksman main as well as a national Pokédex collection master. Man I wish I could be this cool.

  5. Started smoking at 13/14 a hand full of times a month with friends. Was probably around 5’6” at the time. That slowly ramped up over the years and I became a daily user around 18. Hit my current height of 6’0” at 19. 25 now.

  6. God, they massacred my boy. Honestly I wish they would combine both systems. Give us old runes back with a keystone or something

  7. Woods of Desolation. Nice man!

  8. She does not have a shit early game, what the fuck are you talking about jessie

  9. A lot of the meta match ups right now are losing or skill based. Making one mistake, like a bad trade with a poor wave state, is much more punishing on Riven; compared to other meta fighters like Wukong, Fiora, Pantheon etc. I would call that weak.

  10. Yes, but by making fewer mistakes than the enemy a good riven can out trade and kill almost all toplaners during lane. Her neutral game for trading is extremely good, there is no need to buff her early, cause if she had more damage during lane more experienced riven players would be unbeatable

  11. Oh yeah I hear ya. I actually enjoy that part of Rivens power scaling. She’s a difficult champion and you should be punished for making mistakes and rewarded for playing well. My main problem is that it just feels like other mechanical fighters like Irelia and Fiora feel like they aren’t as affected by mistakes as Riven, on top of them out scaling her mid (maybe arguable) and late game. Why play Riven right now when there are champions who fit a similar play style, are more forgiving, and are stronger.

  12. Just wanna leave a comment to check back later if you got Jagex’d or Jamflex’d.

  13. Putting a pity post on the internet instead of talking to their “friend” about their conflict like a normal person…


  15. If this isn't a kinda of joke, have you decarbed it?

  16. Honey, why is there cereal in the oven?

  17. Awesome work man. I’m local and was considering getting my first tattoo. I checked out your shops website and hope to be in touch with you and Gerardo soon.

  18. hmmm... how i wish lorde did collabs

  19. I like the work Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers have done on her projects and vice versa, but I do really wish she would do more 50/50 collabs.

  20. Glad to see Banks at least in honorable mentions 2014. She’s one of my favorite “underrated” artists and I’ve made it my mission to put people onto her whenever I get the chance.

  21. If I'm so dumb then how'd it work for me. I blew the rips out the window btw

  22. I still do it to this day… People in my apartment complex have no idea that I smoke because I smoke snaps and always blow it out the window. I even had a few neighbors come to me about banding together to file a complaint against another tenant because the smell of weed was always leaking from their apartment. Little did they know he now had inside man and promptly got a warning to lay low for a bit incase he got inspected.

  23. I smoked the first time in my parents house. They found out. It was stupid yeah but some of my friends go borderline crazy trying to hide it from their parents, the consistent paranoia and you can’t even enjoy a high sometimes. If you have chill parents, better to lay it all out there. I’m stupid for smoking indoors but I don’t regret it at all. Your parents WILL find out and the longer you hide it, the less forgiving they are.

  24. I remember being a teen and smoking a full joint in my closet. After my little sesh I overheard my mom and her boyfriend laughing from their room about me having the balls to just blatantly smoke weed in the house. I was absolutely mortified because I thought I was being slick by sticking a towel under the door and slipping out of the closet as fast as humanly possible. Luckily she was very cool with me smoking weed. She already gave me the talk saying she knows she ultimately can’t control what I do and just to be safe about it. In the end she was just relieved I was doing it in at home and not being sketchy out in the streets and asked me to go outside next time.

  25. We can get paid for that? I guess I'm having chili for dinner tonight. I'm charging $100 if anyone is interested tonight

  26. An influencer sold her farts in a jar for $1k each as well as jars of used hot tub water for $100-$300 each.

  27. Rainbow > Face > Phone > Nails > Tits > Background

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