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  1. Anyone trading through a Fidelity account can use Active Trader Pro. Awesome free tool with so much to offer. They also take suggestions for improvement. Been using it for years. Love it. Only PC, no app version.

  2. One person having two lovers, one east, one west. One happy, yellow. One sad, blue. The jilted lover ends their or the cheaters life.

  3. GameStop fires its CFO and announces layoffs as part of aggressive turnaround plan

  4. I have 3 accounts with Fidelity. Their ATP software is slow and not multi-monitor friendly. I couldnt figure out how to paper trade.

  5. Took me a minute to figure it out using ATP, but you can pop out charts, or whatever you want to see, and drag the pop out to another monitor.

  6. Downloaded the 2022 preliminary index additions pdf from the website.

  7. Oh my, you definitely need to improve your reading comprehension.

  8. Never did. Past events support my current opinions on Astra.

  9. Nope, you have a history of being a troll. We've had this discussion before. Honestly, I wish I could block you permanently.

  10. Fair, I was being imprecise and hyperbolic when I said “all”.

  11. Kemp has said many times that there is a backlog of payloads awaiting launches. He/Astra just needs to get to the stage where they are able to launch at an increased tempo.

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