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  1. That OT game between DIG and Falcons was nuts

  2. They always photoshop his legs to be super short and it looks hilarious

  3. Love him as a player, hope he will Stay healthy and play lots of games

  4. Dignitas is literally the ultimate wild card right now. No one knows what to expect

  5. God it feels so good to see Dig play well after yesterday

  6. Wat ik nog niet voorbij heb zien komen maar wel ontzettend chill is wanneer je naar het toiletgebouw gaat of 's ochtends je tentje uit strompelt zijn slippers!

  7. Vergeet niet de fristi-bonen in blik

  8. As per usual Dunkey hit the nail on it's head.

  9. Flapdrol, mafkees, oelewapper, snotneus

  10. When I made it to Ganondorf's Castle in Zelda: Twilight Princess I accidentally deleted my save game (please don't ask how). About 60 hours of progress vanished. I was so rattled that I never played it again.

  11. Never take your loved ones for granted bros. Life is short and there are no refunds

  12. Are you okay, friend? Hope all is well

  13. Thank you so much for your compassion my friend. I went through a rough patch but much is well. The comment I left seems much more depressing now, compared to my intentions when i wrote it. If you're the guy who sent some relief my way, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your empathy <3

  14. Literally the best subreddit on this site

  15. Great work! I can feel the pain in the last panel

  16. Damn that is clean! How many offers to go pro have you recieved already?

  17. I also missed the entire hype because I don't want to be spoilered by trailers and stuff, and I loved Cyberpunk.

  18. Is it bad that I quite like Marlo? Does this make me a bad person? I also don’t mind Herc….bring on the downvotes lol

  19. VVVVVV, The Banner Saga Trilogy, Machinarium, Celeste, Hollow Knight, FTL, Witcher 3, Skyrim, Hotline Miami, Deadbolt, The Messenger.

  20. If Genos was a national football team, he would be Netherlands ... (if you know, you know)

  21. I'll have you know that we won the Euro's in 1988. Not discussing anything else, thanks!

  22. My favorite player at the club. Too bad Ten Hag's reluctance to use last season him forced him to move. Can't imagine he will disappoint at any of these clubs, especially for 4m.

  23. Does anyone have a recommendation for a game that is like Darkest Dungeon?

  24. The Banner Saga might be something for ya

  25. the contrast between the official postgame interviews and the ones on Rizzo's stream is night and day lol, he's adding so much to the event

  26. It's not even close. I can't believe how the official production is being outdone by some dark corner stream

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