1. Got money to do your hair, get nice shoes, where good clothing, but not enough for 30-50 of food and drinks?

  2. I never understand, why front product? Along with that it’s probably like 500 he owes, mfs just can’t take an L till the final destination… jaiL

  3. How’re you gonna be the one to steal the thing then be mad when they retaliate after you refuse to give it back? Wait, I know

  4. The reason women are so loud is because they can’t fight so they try to scare off their opponent

  5. Her lawyer has entered the chat

  6. From the time the video starts they could’ve grabbed it. And that’s not thinking of the time it took them to take out the phone and start recording

  7. There’s no guess-work or interpretation needed. 240-degrees (115.6 celsius) for 40-minutes. You’ll be right as rain….

  8. It depends on the quality too with how long you decarb, sometimes the temp as well. But for the most you are correct

  9. Might feel that way because when thc is eaten it’s 5x more psychoactive then smoking it

  10. ya i don’t know why it didn’t turn out more of a dark color, but it is darker than it was before i decarbed it. and it did work it got me off my ass lol

  11. I love how the people that were cheering it on and actually knocked it down didn’t move to help her until they saw people that were not involved go help so they weren’t labeled the bad guy

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