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  1. Ok 7 yr old me literally thought the Bermuda Triangle was a SERIOUS crisis lol

  2. Nice! Those are almost as good as the Time Life Singer Songwriter collection.

  3. I'm not a fan, especially of the drop downs, but I actually have something positive to say about it. The old tool, depending on the categories, had measurements (L, W, H etc) not near each other, repeated, and paraphrased. The new listing seems to have fixed that royal annoyance.

  4. If your item is that rare, someone else will come along and buy it for your asking price. Just be patient, polite, and ignore the hell out of them.

  5. Fuuuck that I know what a skinwalker sounds like, only person I’m helping is myself by booking it tf outta there.

  6. These common sense things don't really need expert commentary.

  7. Plus, who just has an axe lying around? I remodeled my whole house by myself and still have all the tools. Four kinds of saws, two kinds of hammers, awls, trowels - but no axe.

  8. I think it's a compilation of various pieces of clipart. I've seen it on quite a few clipart websites. Google image search turns up this same image on Amazon as a sign that you can buy.

  9. I’m so, so very sick of hearing about the “radical Left” on the TV.

  10. Divine ate dog shit in Pink Flamingos and was perfectly fine. Perfectly fine.

  11. This has happened to me also. I usually blame a glitch, but most of the time it's my fault and I clicked the wrong button. There isn't much else you can do but ship the item and be more careful next time.

  12. Maybe this is why Boo Berry was taken off the market for so many years!

  13. Literally just breastfeed your kid. Who the fuck carries a kid in their belly for 9 months and decides once it comes out that their vices like smoking and drinking are more important than getting your kid the best nutrient source possible. Since when are we feeding kids powder and think it's healthier than actual milk meant for them?

  14. Don't forget: Adopted babies Orphan babies Babies in hospitals Allergic babies Preemie babies

  15. Costco doesnt have a reputation of being cheap. They have a reputation for quality.

  16. My brother died a week ago and I was inundated with sad emojis and 'let me know if you need anything offers'. I know their hearts were in the right place, but I wasn't in any sort of place to do the emotional labor for the offers. I was just too sad.

  17. Emotional labor is key here...saying "let me know if I can help" to someone who is already overwhelmed is the opposite of helpful. It's much better to take something specific off their plate so they don't have to think about it anymore, even if it's small. This is true in relationships too. Being an active participant who takes responsibility for shared tasks is much better than being a passive drone who does nothing until asked.

  18. So true. When that same friend's sister was in hospice care, they were allowed to bring the family dog to the hospital room as they sat vigil. The poor thing was barking and being protective every time the nurses came in - making everything just a little more stressful. I saw the problem, and took the dog for a long exhausting walk so it would be good and tired and quiet down for the night. It was an easy way to help.

  19. One common way to dissuade scammers is to build up your feedback by making small purchases from sellers who give feedback to buyers (not everyone does). You can look for items under $5, and then just check the seller's "Feedback left for others." I've been on eBay for ages, but opened a second account and that's what I've been doing for that one. I bought very inexpensive items like postcards, embroidery floss, a key ring, etc. I think the scammers will mostly leave you alone when you have at least 20 or so feedbacks.

  20. But, don't harass the sellers with feedback requests. Dag, that drives me crazy.

  21. I was at a sale once where I watched a woman take her ratty old stink sneakers off, put on some very expensive ones that were from one of the sale piles. She of course, had the audacity not to mention them when she was checking out.

  22. I've been taking my duds to a big flea market near me for the past couple of weeks. It's $25 for a drive-up space and so far I have been clearing about $300-$350 a day.

  23. I'm not justifying any level of brutality, I'm saying there's no shot that propaganda outlet posted a story that was "100% true," isn't what they are in the business of. I just gave one example in the story where a lot is left out.

  24. I was going to post the local Philadelphia newspaper link, but its paywall. The NBC link will suffice.

  25. Seems awful, but are we believing social media headlines now?

  26. Me too! I was going to downvote you about the downvoting, but then I upvoted just because I'm contrary.

  27. Nutty putty got sealed off over a decade ago after a kid got stuck and died. I remember because I used to go spelunking there in the 90s.

  28. Hmm. I'd have gone with chalk on this one. Like, checking something off a list with a piece of chalk.

  29. The Rite Aide near me was like this. They usually had 1 Cashier and possibly 1 person doing stock. Although 8 out 10 it was just the one "kid" by him or herself. Then way in the back there was the Pharmacy with one Tech and one Pharmacist. The Pharmacy part closes at 7 or whatever. So from 7 to 10 it was just that one kid by himself in the whole store. Im sure a manager somewhere in the backroom. Once the Pharmacy closes thats when they would loot the stores. They as of about 3 mos ago finally did hire security.

  30. So multi-million dollar companies refusing to pay employees a living wage, that instead choose to fan the flames of the whole 'no one wants to work anymore' mythology is not the elephant in the room? The gross understaffing of their stores is way too tempting for thieves now.

  31. Thats a whole different can you are opening. However, ive been going to this Rite Aid for probably close to 15 years. It was always like this with staffing. Although yes it may have something to do with it but Krasner and company is also a huge part of the equation.

  32. Yeah, sorry. I'm not trying to beef with you. I just get riled up when major elements of the big picture get glossed over .

  33. UX is short for user experience, which focuses on, well, how users experience something. The ‘ultimate UX test’ here means it’s the best user experience test— if a monkey is capable of navigating an application, us humans should have mo problem as well.

  34. This is a great example of why our grandparents swear they hate their cell phones. Those janky old flip phones they keep getting are hard to use and confusing.

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