Fellow Tarnished, my mother painted this. I told her I would share it. She wants you to know she’s nearly blind. She is my Dusk Eyed Queen.


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Comedian Andrew Schulz roasts Kanye West and gets hit with a barrage of negative comments from the red pilled anti semites in his fanbase calling him a shill and a sellout. He then responds with this.

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  1. For the lcarnitine, just brew your own. Jesus, can't imagine paying that much for something that cost $20 to make like a years supply. It's just lcarnitine base + bac water.

  2. Got some tesofensine of them. Forgot how expensive peptides were. Wish I had the promo

  3. She gives you just enough time for your last words.

  4. I’ve gotten destroyed by albaruniac wolf ladies hella times. I’d rank them B at least.

  5. If you think this will stop me from dipping that bad boi in the sauce you’re out of your mind.

  6. This is fucking beautiful. Tell her I said thank you please.

  7. This my be a dumb question. Why aren’t thicker necks more prevalent?

  8. It seems the consensus is neck size isn’t as important as proper sleep. Which I agree with. By the sound of it, judging criteria seems to agree with the notion as well. I just can’t imagine having proportionate neck size not skewing a judges decision in a stand still.

  9. Are you fucking kidding me? I never knew there was a way to cheese those assholes. Guess I gotta start it over. Smh

  10. I miss the days of $20 mordida. Inflation really is a bitch.

  11. Dang, I read the title as “these stupid tricks are killing us” and waited for some influencer to get in a lot of trouble.

  12. That was me the first time I ever played when I saw rhe tree sentinel at the beginning by the First Steppe. This is rhe first Fromsoft game I've played since the original Demon Souls on PS3. I was woefully unprepared for this game. After that, I rushed into the church, saw what looked like a cracked out hobo Santa, killed him, then realized he was not an enemy, and started a new game.

  13. He’s done getting robbed like they took his TD against Green Bay.

  14. I know for a fact people ain’t flossing twice daily

  15. Girl: “gimme my shit!” Old timer as he gently hands her her shit: “here you go sweetie”

  16. Nope planning on taking a break for a few months

  17. “The guy looks like a ninja turtle got a root canal.” Bro I’m normally not a fan of Schulz style of comedy, just isn’t for me, but that’s fucking hilarious

  18. Bro idk what it is with Ohio boys. They’re born talking the most eloquent shit in the world. I know 3 Ohio people. All hilarious assholes.

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