1. That's a women , u could see her head when the light flashes

  2. that might be difficult hope you find someone with correct technical knowledge. also may i ask you is the ssd now running? then u might be able to recover your data

  3. No i am not able to use my computer, since sdd is not working

  4. SSDs usually don't get corrupt easily. If you can, put it on another device/pc and see if it works. If it does work, install crystal disk info and check its health. If it shows poor then immediately transfer all your data. You can easily swap out disks through some youtube tutorials

  5. Triggu go down like holy mary, hence proved she is girl.(background music)

  6. My rollercoaster of emotion -:16813::27429::27431::27423:

  7. Ye kya slander hai, atleast Indian soldiers ki footage toh daal de ye American soldiers ki kyu daali vid ??

  8. No bro i thought Ukrainian army bravely defending thier country would be a good option.

  9. Context of meme: Modi lost elections in 2024 , so they tried to invade

  10. Caramelldansen Swedish सुक्रिया करने केलिए अपनी $ की तस्वीर भेजना🤡

  11. Mark and Elon don't own public assets and exploit them .eg Ambani own power supply (bijli vibhag) in Bihar, power bills are are now much expensive and not proper supply . Electric poles ,so Local cable operators can't use them and many more public assets are just controlled by them.

  12. आपकी मम्मी के बुर में ध्यान से देखिए👍🏼

  13. stfu it's not funny piece of turd just don't satirize about army

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