1. If you take in consideration that he would be standing still with no protection just like kaido probably not, since he got knocked out by king kong gun.

  2. Kaido 🤣, Big Mom, Akainu, Garp, Kizaru, Fujitora, Aokiji, Blackbeard, Sengoku, Sabo, Dragon, Sanji, Zoro, Jinbe, Rayleigh, Bullet, Red Haired Pirates, Beast Pirates, etc.

  3. is there anywhere that shows or contains some information on how strong is dragon? Asking seriously.

  4. and if doesn't work try dhoko misty / mu aiolos aiolia or wait for the 10% atribute debuff.

  5. thanks! Is any of other of the Silver Knights good?

  6. Take your time, at the moment, your Asterion is quite weak to take on the role of a leading attacker.

  7. as you can see i have a shun 8* to use as food for asterion or virgo shun, you think its best for me to use shun instead of asterion and keep leveling him to take place from afrodites?

  8. As a cop I have been at some tragic scenes. Sometimes something pops backup and wakes me up. One if them is a girl. She was stabbed in the neck by her boyfriend in a parkinglot. When I got there she was still alive but had a huge wound and could not speak. She only looked at me. I talked to her to try to comfort her. I tried everything I could do to save her but she died in my arms. I am the last person she has seen in her life.

  9. When I was 12 I had moved to a new apartment out of state for my dad's work. Within the first month (June) I had been swimming quite a lot. One night (June 30th) my dad mom and I had decided we'd go to the lake the next day with our pup. So my dad and I went and bout a pair of goggles that fit over my glasses and a snorkle to kinda dive. We came back to apartment to test them out at the pool. So I was diving for coins and overall being a kid with goggles, but there was some water getting into my goggles so I hopped out to have my dad tighten them because I was a dumb kid who couldn't figure out the straps. While I was out of the pool (15 secs) I heard a really high pitched scream "oh dios mios" so I turned around and saw this lady standing with her son (30 y/o and 4y/o) both looking down at the pool. Do I inherently looked down too. Well earlier in the night there had been a group of kid(set of twins and their older brother, and their two older cousins). Well being young kids they were going back and forth from the pool to the hot tub and finally all of them except one of the twins stayed in the hot tub while the twin stayed in the pool(6 y/o). Well when I looked down the kid was at the bottom of the pool. So my dad ran over there and pulled him out and got all of the water out of his system but he wasn't breathing. Police and ambulances came but it was too late and he had passed. He was brought back at the hospital but had been under too long and passed the next morning. I had been in the water when he was under. For twenty full second I had been under the water with him while wearing goggles.

  10. Succ Musa is above awake at endgame spots. Possibly even the top of the scale nowadays. It's just more APM than striker so I wouldn't recommend going for succ Musa over striker, minimal gains, increasing APM by 300%. My RMB finger hurts after grind session

  11. well nowadays it is , but if you gonna count nowadays need to take in the reworked hash too that came out this week, that is absolute insane strong IMO of course.

  12. Im an Intern at a IT company and currently studying software engeneering and i need to watch some online classes that they required me to watch and i simply can't focus for about a week or so and feel extremely bad about it, my conscience is weighing a ton. I see other ppl studying for 4-5 hours with ease and i feel like shit.

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