1. (If I’m breaking any sub rules my naming and shaming, please let me know and I’ll edit).

  2. I’ve been to a restaurant around there where I also saw a weird waitress going to Americans/tourists and telling them they have to tip and how much and made a whole thing of it that I found so weird and off-putting. So I dunno, it might not be a one time thing

  3. So we have a bunch on Meet up. There’s the African literature book club, Asian literature, Russian and other bunch of styles. I recommend you start there

  4. We have the Peleton app on our Roku ultra or whatever it’s called ( US)

  5. Yeah we don’t an Ultra Roku here (DE).. the stick I have is as high end as it goes & there’s no Peloton. I guess I should’ve bought something else. Thank you

  6. I've put the app on the stick and several other rokus... It's possible that it's region locked. For the iPhone, they both should be on the same wifi and the stick should have whatever setting to make it discoverable turned on...

  7. My only explanation about the wifi is that it’s somehow splitting some address between the stick and my phone? Like it’s the same wifi & everything is enabled but just won’t find it not even in manual & I still don’t have enough experience with routers to understand what’s going on! Thank you for assuring that it’s probably region locked & for the wifi tip

  8. Is the gameplay on switch the same as PS4 or do you miss some elements? (Edit: just noticed it’s still not officially released. But if anyone could guess please do answer. Curious about your thoughts)

  9. It is the exact same game, only difference being resolution and framerate. while ps5 and xbox series get 4k 60fps, switch has 720p 30fps. I will get it for switch because i can play it anywhere, inlcuding my bed

  10. Awesome! I agree with you & I will do that too. Thank you for responding

  11. Me too.. a friend of mine once mentioned that I eat “ingredients” not meals lol. I usually just eat the same easy things or what I’m obsessed with for the time. However my latest idea is to get an airfryer! It’s easy to use and clean which would reduce the resistance and analysis paralysis. I could just put in some chicken pieces or frozen stuff or veggies or whatever. That’s one thing that could help? Edit; the Cosori Airfryer I got even has a recipe app and options to follow!

  12. I wish! I just peel the skin off my fingers like oranges. It’s horrible

  13. Oh! Thank you. I’m actually far from Wien but I’m interested in doing that course along side my work. That’s why I was asking if it’s really realistic. So it’s not a good school?

  14. Please don't believe this troll. FH is not pay to win. Visit their homepage, visit the when they have open house.

  15. Yeah it was confusing.. it’s just a public Fachschule so I didn’t understand. Thank you! I will check them out

  16. Funny, I just finished season 8 & I’m dumbfounded. I had read comments before watching that season & thought people were silly to think that.. but I guess that’s where we’re heading. I wonder if it had always been the plan or if they decided to turn it towards that plot because of the fans I dunno

  17. If gas is you primary worry then have you considered public transport more often ?

  18. Go early morning to Ausländerbehorde, take a ticket, explain & get a Fiktion Bescheinigung

  19. The question this answer was for is: “Is dopamine related to industriousness, conscientiousness? Also does serotonin have anything to do with conscientiousness? People with ADHD and SCT are impulsive have low levels of dopamine and thus stimulants work by inhibiting dopamine reuptake by the synapse making them less impulsive and making them focus then they can work towards delayed gratification rather than short term gratification right?”

  20. I agree partially. It's true a lot of these are at least half learned skills, and neurotypical people will also struggle with them. There's also a tendency on the internet and especially among young people to think to think every mental or emotional challenge is a disorder instead of a normal part of the human experience. There's nothing wrong imo with finding something boring and tuning out. BUT ADHD folks do chemically get less reward for the same tasks and often do need medication to function as well as they could in many situations. Sometimes despite our best efforts we just can't do what we need to without help, and ignoring that and insisting everyone just needs to try harder is ableist.

  21. I also see what you mean. I also agree on realizing that some human mental states or emotiona are just that and not need to be a disorder. I also see that I for example could function well once I establish a routine where I don’t have to think anymore and just be on auto-mode (= less mental effort= less distraction = stay in motion) but it starts with “sucking it up”. Aka building habits and learning to stick through it. However that “sucking it up” phase is very painful and it takes so long to build and once disrupted it’s 0 all over again.

  22. Do you have a reason to stay in the country beyond the wedding? Like a job or any legal right? You’re waiting for your visa renewal? Then sure you can email or better yet go to the building & pull a number, queue & tell them. I had to travel for a while while waiting for a visa renewal and when I told them they easily gave me a Fiktion Bescheinigung. Won’t hurt to try

  23. Most companies store all of your data that you type in anyway. What's the difference?

  24. I guess that’s true I just didn’t think it’s easily accessible by employees (but again probably still accessible) You know you just always get taught not to give these details away (for obvious reasons) so it just felt bad saying them on the phone & I started overthinking.

  25. I don't think someone is going to risk their job to try (and fail) to steal what, a couple thousand from you? You should be checking your account regularly anyway. Just report any fraud.

  26. Can you get these doors that open by pushing some kind of button with your foot & remove handles? xD Maybe have the doors be only pushed? Remove the handle & make it doesn’t lock. Then must be only pushed

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