1. Well apparently he put it all in his book too. But if I’d read that I’d have figured he was full of shit confessing to crimes and stuff out in the open.

  2. I'm a 42 year old out of shape programmer with a bad back. I often wish I had gone into physical labor (electrical, metal working, something along those lines) because it would have kept me in better shape over the years and allowed me to turn my brain off at the end of the work day.

  3. As someone who did hard work and who works out a lot. No, the kinds of motions you make at a physical job have a high wear and tear to hypertrophy ratio.

  4. A lot of sysadmin jobs are done by devops now and creating k8s yamls and terraform scripts can be done with co-pilot. So there’ll be a sysadmin but they’ll have the option of using someone who barely understands whats going on.

  5. If I saw a guy getting a pussy slayer tattoo my brain would automatically take pity on him and decide that it was an ironic joke. My mind would still think he was an idiot but one with a sense of humor.

  6. They're basically a loose confederation of all the interests that feel they have something to lose by the nation being on the right track.

  7. Since when has Chris ever cared about what is foolish mortals thought looked good.

  8. HR moms job is to protect her child, not her child's company. This is pretty sick.

  9. It’s sick the way her work culture has brainwashed her. I’m sure she’d be mortified to hear that people share salaries freely at some of the biggest companies in the country.

  10. Urban novels or what many call "hood books" are printed by small time publishers and are simple dime store pulp novels quickly published. It's your standard inner city fare dealing drugs and living that High life.

  11. Hmmm a lot of these look like romance novels from another dimension. If that’s just part od the experience I’ll pick one randomly but if you have any recommendations.

  12. What if in Chris’ next continuance he has to fight battle royale, a bunch of slow in the minds, clowns, and little people for the amusement of the court?

  13. Hello fellow SmokeyMC watcher. How are you?

  14. I think Bob simply enjoyed having people to talk to other than his moron son and frigid, bellicose wife based on how long he let prank calls last.

  15. It was funny because a lot of times the trolls would forget they were trolls and would start casually chatting with Bob. He wasn’t always the greatest guy in the world but he was probably a fun old man to sit next to at the bar.

  16. Contrary to popular belief nobody has any protected rights during a good game of kick the autistic. The founding fathers understood that this was America’s favorite game.

  17. I look the same as my 20s minus about an inch of hairline and the light of life in my eyes.

  18. You would want to live in 1900, let’s stop romanticizing the past. It sucked for most people

  19. Mortal Kombat and Beavis and Butthead.. NWA..

  20. What kind of strength training can people do who don't have the money or time for a gym membership?

  21. We also have the highest level of medical innovation and more people than with good access to health care than all countries

  22. What are you talking about there are people with no access to healthcare here and countries where even foreigners can go to the hospital nearly for free.

  23. Oh yeah its true we take a cab to a urgent care clinic and get seen by a physicians assistant, not even a doctor. If we go to the emergency room and we’re not dying we’ll be in line for hours before getting seen. One time I sliced off the tip of my finger and the urgent care people wouldn’t do anything about it without my insurance card, I offered them $1000 cash and they wouldn’t take it and warned us they were closing soon. My wife found our insurance number on her phone so luckily things worked out at the last minute.

  24. So, you are saying that about half of the Americans are idiots who will shoot their own foot off, by voting republican, then happily shoot the other foot off when they vote republican again.

  25. Morals: Thats why we can't make more money 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Yeah basically the world is run by pricks who had the same awful idea as everyone else but the unique lack of morals to follow through.

  27. lol nice. It's really the only good tell because that stuff is really almost always friends and family don't pull me over signage for each other.

  28. Just checked ebay. You can probably get all that swag for any area of the country without paying into a murder defense fund.

  29. When I was a kid I fully accepted that it was impossible to make a movie about stomping on mushrooms and was perfectly ok with all the liberties they took. I loves that movie and was eagerly awaitinf the sequel.

  30. Yeah, but I wish we could have had more specials while he kept his dick in his pants.

  31. Damn. Really wish we would've gotten a few more Louis CK specials over the last few years. Wish he could've kept his dick in his pants

  32. He’s one of the few metoo people who admits to and denounces his actions and explains why he was wrong.

  33. The Goddess Log? Chris insists it's a kind of diary detailing Neo-Spiritual Christianity lore and Chris's life in prison. Chris intends to publish it after getting out of jail. Supposedly it contains details of how Chris got into trouble for "highlighting a portal". Personally I'll be satisfied even if it just explains what "highlighting a portal" means.

  34. Actual footage of Chris finding a portal and sticking his head inside. Special guest: The tortured ghost of Bob Chandler.

  35. Mexico is actually a relatively nice place and we’re lucky to share a border with them.

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