1. For real, distillate is like the natty light (no hate) of extracts. Does the job great but definitely not worth the $60 per .8 they charge here...not even close.

  2. No kidding. Not to mention the distillate we’re able to buy in Ohio is capped at ~70% THC. One of the best examples of “paying more for less” in our program.

  3. I do. I’d be more comfortable paying the prices we do knowing those who grow, process, transport, and sell me mmj are making a livable wage instead of whatever other garbage we have going on now……

  4. Those 80-90+% carts you mention are distillate plus cannabis or botanical derrived terps added for flavor. Despite the wildly high THC %'s, I find these give a very flat, untherapeutic high.

  5. Try calling or emailing again, they should make it right if you get through to them.

  6. I bet the 600 mg is only referring to THC, that’s prob .85-.9g of wax. Our system is wonky with the 70% thc and 590mg per day limits, ya end up with .8g jars like this

  7. I had a problem with the Lemon Kush rosin pen as well. I got about halfway through it before it started tasting terrible.

  8. Seems like I'm not the only one then, hopefully they'll be able to help me out.

  9. I was letdown with mine. It didn’t hit very hard and starting tasting burnt halfway through. For the price I’ll stick with luster pods

  10. First handfull of puffs were incredible, was like I was taking a nice rosin dab out of a freshly cleaned banger.

  11. They seem to produce a bit more vapor / burn thru oil faster than a typical 510 cart, resulting in “beefier” draws. I think the real secret of these Grow Ohio pods is the oil they use, it’s not live resin but it’s high quality full spectrum.

  12. yzod says:

    I want something that ain’t gonna knock me out, sativa probably this is a good hybrid

  13. Can’t go wrong with OH-47, Black Jack or SLH. SLH is a favorite of mine, I wish it was more common!

  14. Picked up a Youforia resin cart from them about a week ago. Barely hit at all, then the oil clogged and found it's way into the mouth piece. At this point, done with Certified's trash products

  15. I had the same experience with one I bought 2 months back. Got about 1/5 thru the cart, then oil started to pool in the mouthpiece stem. These carts look amazing but don’t work very well IMO.

  16. Looks tasty! I hope more of these make their way to Central OH, and last long enough for me to snag on sale!

  17. Any other edibles you can recommend with stronger effects?

  18. They’re all about the same, you just need to eat more to have a stronger effect. I love Grow Ohio’s honey, container has 550mg THC and usually is the best bang for your buck.

  19. YMMV, but I flew with a select elite 510 cartridge in the carry-on this summer without any issues. Left the cart in its unlabeled plastic tube and threw that into my toiletries bag, put the battery with my headphones and electronics and got through just fine.

  20. If this guy was specifically looking for cheeeaaaap concentrates, edibles, or distilate cartridges I’d agree with you but think the flower and some concentrates we have access to are just as good if not better than what you can buy up north. We also have some amazing full spectrum and solventless cartridge options which are priced reasonably well compared to how much a similar item would cost in a legal state.

  21. There are loads of young people in the program, many just scamming the system to get weed.

  22. Younger folks have no issues securing cannabis using technology (deep web) or social connections (BM dealers) - two sources older folks stereotypically do not have access to. I’d argue more older folks are gaming the system as they’d have no sources otherwise.

  23. While I completely agree with all the points you made in reguards to these pods being worse in every way I can tell, but Luster Pods aren't an original GrowOhio product, Luster Pods are sold by CCELL and can be custom ordered with your companies branding and style, and I for one am glad more companies are adopting them

  24. You're completely right, it looks like luster pods are becoming the "Ohio Styled" pods similar to how Michigan has Vfire. Only reason why I mentioned 'original' is because they were the first in the program, and as far as I can tell, the only company that sells batteries for these pods.

  25. You're completely right, just like the vfire's in michigan. As far as batteries go I seen a lot of dispos sell the ccell branded battery by itself but you're right Grow Ohio is the only cultivator with a stylized battery.

  26. Ahh that is great news, no more need to grab a starter kit if a battery dies, that's a big plus in my book! It's been quite a few months since I had to shop for one myself.

  27. Botanist + Bloom for me. Terra used to be okay and imo the ‘bad’ service was worth dealing with for their prices. I last went in July, had to stand outside for 20 min to wait inside for 15 before I could go back and purchase what I ordered. It doesn’t seem like they’ve gotten any better since then unfortunately.

  28. Check out LAZ parking. No idea what their rates are ATM, but they do have a lot at Vets memorial, a garage at Cosi, a garage at 200 Civic Center, and another at the corner of Rich and Front. I’d say all of those lots/garages are about a 5-10 min walk from your new workplace and ~should~ be cheaper than whatever you were considering at $230/mo.

  29. Have you tried anyone’s Layer Cake or GMO? Those both are fairly skunky/gassy IMO.

  30. Terrasana used to be my go-to when I got my card in the Spring (cbus location). Their service has gone downhill since then, and each month the sales are worse than the last. I haven’t shopped there since I had to stand in line for 25 min outside to wait 20 min in line inside back in July. I used to defend/justify the shoddy service and long wait times but they don’t have a ton going for them ATM. I’m definitely pulling this out of my ass, but FFS I think they delayed posting their Woodward drop last week so they wouldn’t have to honor the 15% off flower deal they already had planned......

  31. To be fair, About Wellness @ $80/jar is the cheapest in the state. Everywhere else seems to list them at ~$88 pre-tax.

  32. This is more of a general comment about Woodward, and not so much the limited release strains, but the main reason I would like to try the Fire Rock aka Woodward strains is so I no longer have to follow statements about the best flower I've tried with "...but I still haven't tried any Fire Rock aka Woodward."...

  33. This is a good time to grab some if your local dispo has any. IMO, the fanatics are going to spend their $$$/days on the more limited products, and we’ll see wedding cake / blueberry cheesecake / grapehead last more than a few days on the menu.

  34. It’s a lot easier to understand why people are excited about new Woodward products versus other cultivators since they have such a loyal following.

  35. Agreed, seeing so many people this enthusiastic about the brand is what pushed me to try them out a few months back. That, and it was easier to get ahold of.....

  36. What dispensaries in Columbus usually get Woodward? Who’s menu do I need to be stalking on Thursday/Friday?

  37. All 4 in central OH get Woodward, Verdant seems to get (or list) theirs the latest from what I’ve seen over the past few months.

  38. Looks like he answered your question like a politician, nothing you were told was incorrect.

  39. But if you read the law it says you can't use devices that are capable of getting hot enough to combust material. And alot of brands are able to get that hot. Also alot of the dab devices come in direct contact with heating element.I don't think it's anything they are enforcing right now. But it does seem like they included in law.

  40. Lol no kidding, the Peak’s insert rests directly on the ceramic healing element. I am fairly sure the wall of the Mighty’s oven is a heating element as well. Same could be said for every conduction styles vaporizer tbh.

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