1. Yes but you need nuclear power to do so which I am not even close to getting

  2. Do you know how worth brawl pass is like how many chest opens i get and how many i get for this

  3. Ok i'm officially starting to downvote every post in the "should i buy this?" style, because oh my jesus. Why the hell would you buy it if you are ftp and otherwise yes and no, because if you only have legendarys/mythical brawlers to get then the chances of getting them are so low that it's not worth it. It's your decision and you've probably already made a choice and now you are just waiting for someone to say "yes" to be sure it's worth it even though it's a matter of perspective

  4. I still need amber and sandy thats it but i didnt buy these mega boxes

  5. I’m f2p with 60k gold and 0 brawlers to upgrade

  6. Im f2p with 90k gold and 21 brawlers to upgrade :/

  7. For browser games, you can also just open up the console and write a one liner to do it for you.

  8. This is a short "tutorial" because I'm on mobile. This involves using the setInterval function, getting the element from the document (webpage), and a bit of knowhow.

  9. You will get 177 gems at the end of the pass, so you can still get the Brawl Pass

  10. But is 3 gems worth it for an icon nobody cares about?

  11. Stoneblock 3. Most fun passive resource generation I've ever seen in early game. It features EMC for mid to late game

  12. Guys this is only the outside ths inside is probably spaghetti

  13. I got my first legendary, Sandy, at 13k trophies. Am I unlucky?

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