1. i can get u some skante bitchez from the 818 kingdom SFV, what part of SoCal r u visiting?

  2. i would ripoff ur panties with my teeth and them eat your pussy like a fresh and juicy tropical mango until ur eyes turned white from pleasure, then i will put both of your legs on my shoulder and fuck you like a wild animal in the jungle until ur pussy is so wet that we need to put several towels on the floor, then i will fuck u anal on doggy style position so i can penetrate you with my 14 inches dick hard as u never gonna want to try any smaller than that

  3. Yea heat the bucket drop marbles cap then go. The bong itself is what makes it smooth but the bucket is the reason for the cloud being as big as It is. As long as you don’t put the stuff in there when it’s too hot which 20 seconds makes a huge difference from it being burnt or smooth

  4. I Can see how I would be if you’re surrounded by guys like that go get a set up and just do it in front of them

  5. how long u heat up the banger?? i tried but i burned my dope 😔

  6. dont smoke that, im serious, thats everything except for meth

  7. i wish i could see one 😔😔i smoke like an animal hoping one show up. You are so lucky

  8. I think I consume more than the average person…. I can blow clouds all day and night and still get up and work. With proper rest and discipline of course

  9. thats the new awesome trending for shards. its called Nectar collector made for dabbing but it works better with shards, just make sure to get the quartz tip one not the metal and u will experience the best hot rail u ever felt. i started using a couple of months ago and i dont even smoke on the pookie anymore

  10. Eww why ain't you just fuckin her bruh? Bruh?! You talked her into this pathetic shit why...huWHYeeeeuh wouldn't you fuck'er?

  11. fr tho, i read premature gays still at the closet do shit like this

  12. It’s frustrating because the web site was set up for like minded people to get together to communicate, connect and form relationships. In my limited time on Reddit i have been exposed to more scammers than genuine people. I hope if we band together Reddit will be more proactive in preventing them from populating and ruining the spirit of the web site

  13. true , i almost got killed via Poison by a scammer here who sold me good dope and was poison and i ended up in the hospital

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