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  1. great now only the people who really want to kill people can get guns great job illinois

  2. Thinking they “own the Libs” is ALL they have.

  3. then the libs think the same on the other side, it’s a battle of who can become the most brain dead

  4. No, I see it as a legitimate domestic threat to safety.

  5. I WISH but no way they would want to stop laundering money through ukraine with brain dead biden

  6. that’s actually ridiculous, i had no idea some states had laws about lanes needing more than one person per car fuck that

  7. He has to justify the 4090 price somehow. Instead of convincing himself the performance is worth the cost he’s trying to convince himself, maybe the rest of us, that poor, poor Nvidia was hemorrhaging money with every sale and practically GIVING away the 1000 and Titan series.

  8. peak white moment when your parents have not a single penny to help you at all for anything after you finish high school

  9. Now the question is, are the gullible and moronic GOP voters going to start thinking natural gas actually is green energy, or are they now going to be anti-NG because it is now considered green energy.

  10. You have yet to scratch the surface,l my dude, but feel free to go deeper down the rabbit hole and find the deeperst darkest most wretched things.

  11. i am good, i just like to see why certain people are so aggressive on this app, and it seems your life is full of illness. in your own words “you have become full blown cultist because the only people around you echo your beliefs” please remember that brother

  12. i live in bumfuck nowhere rural ohio and in every high school in my area republicans outnumber democrats roughly 500-1. These are kids who don’t even know about politics, they just recite what mommy and daddy tell them to.

  13. Wait is breastfeeding now a liberal only thing or…?

  14. having to breast feed the fully grown man babies is, i think that’s what he’s implying

  15. they can, but after meeting others who doordash while waiting in restaurants that take way too fucking long to make the food, i can easily say that some of us have that caveman iq

  16. some people have sticks up places they shouldn’t be so id definitely set up a sheet or something behind you to just hide it

  17. sheesh y’all are some crybaby democrats saying all republicans are bad, nah this “girl” is just despicable

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