Jordan Peterson breaks down crying after being described as a 'incel hero'.

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  1. It's not a valid experiment when the people are slaves kept in bondage by tyrant leaders

  2. If somewhere democratically elects a socialist who isn't a tyrant then have at it. In a sense, when tyrants do gain power it is an experiment too but mainly just a reminder of why tyrants and over-centralization are bad.


  4. West is actually. It just that the doom and gloom is coming home to roost. Before globalization and privatization the people in the West were benefiting from the system. Now they’re suffering like the rest of the world has been since Europeans started their land rush.

  5. Takes extreme privilege and ignorance to look at all we have in the west and only think there's doom and gloom. We have so much opportunity, compared to history. If you will sit there in nihilism others like me will stand up and embrace the opportunities out there. I hope you find your happiness

  6. Zoom out. Don’t just “look at all we have in the west”. Consider the rest of the world too.

  7. Already have zoomed out. It is false to sat that my standard of living can only happen through the suffering of others. There are sustainable ways to live well.

  8. We aren't even allowed to post the original versions of quotes from MLK Jr.

  9. We're talking about the word which is spelled the same way as the Spanish language's term for the color which occurs in nature when something is absorbing all of the light around it and reflecting none of it back.

  10. Nah it is. It’s old men making decisions for young people. It’s been that way since time immemorial.

  11. Old men in the top 5-1 percentile of wealth. Believe it or not, most men throughout history were poor labourers who led challenging lives

  12. "A person could be fined up to C$20,000 ($16,250) if found guilty of hate speech that personally identified a victim." From the article you sent me. You're not allowed to make direct threats of violence online levied at individuals, bruh the first amendment doesn't even protect that kind of speech.

  13. I feel in the mood for a good argument. If you hate Peterson, please tell me why.

  14. They wanted jeff kaplan to sell out so he left. I knew he was the heart of overwatch

  15. This is what the market is for. A way so that everybody productively involved in the specific industry make a vote and send a market signal to others. Signals like: this is in high demand and very valuable. Or: nobody wants this

  16. I love this show but I don't think an HB tat would work UNLESS it is being added to a body with many other tattoos

  17. Isn't this the free market that corporations are always going on about? Demand sets the price? Right now there's a demand for people. Seems to me that people are worth a lot more than they were 2 years ago to these corporations and if they want to acquire people, they should be ready to pay for them.

  18. It is, which is why many rich and connected corporate people are pushing for globalism, so economic migrants can come and lower wages and keep real estate over inflated

  19. Inb4 majority of the comments are toxic fanboys and elitists whose only input is "git gud lol" because they don't believe that people should be able to have fun playing the games they enjoy, regardless of how talented they are or how much time they sink in to a game

  20. You're not entitled to wins in pvp. Go play something else if this stresses you out

  21. A new study of the world and everything eh? They really solved it? the whole thing

  22. We're not getting the full story re this AC. If it's truly as a bad as he claims the system should have a range lock on the temperature, or the LL should have made the terms of using it strict in the contract.

  23. What is this analogous to in reality? A manager getting paid 2x their subordinates despite working the same hours with roughly the same effort? I don't get it.

  24. Postmodernist progressives are too inconsistent about the matter to be boxed in to conservatism. Some cultural behaviours are ok to them while others remain verboten. Appropriation is ok if we do it etc. On it's face it's merely a sort of stochastic tribalism.

  25. because if you bothered to read that was not OPs point

  26. If we don't have a definition the discussion is a moot point. And besides, the vast differences between autocratic China and democratic Norway mean that the two are fundamentally different anyway. CCP can step in to the operation of any business for any reason.

  27. why do you need a definition? Like i don't agree with everything OP said but i get the point the were trying to make, and it does not require a definition of socialism or capitalism.

  28. Ooh I've got one! "That photo has to be shopped. The drink is way smaller actually. Every woman I've been with say they actually like smaller cock...tails"

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