1. I have no idea, but just wanted to pipe in and say I had a doe that walked by me yesterday that looked similar to this one! She was big and grey in a couple areas. She had a fawn of the year with her. Although maybe not uncommon, it was a pretty amazing thing to witness.

  2. People that don't hunt often have this reaction. If you eat the meat say something along the lines of how you appreciate the fact that you know where your meat comes from.

  3. You pulled a Tiny Tinas Wonderland

  4. Came here to say Torgue must have blew it the f*&^ up again!

  5. I usually have my betta leaf more towards the top of the tank. I dont know if that is correct, but I always thought itd be easier for them to grab a breath at the top of the tank if the leaf was higher in the water column!

  6. Top middle is when they find the drugs that Zobel is moving with the Mayans I think. Before Henry Rollins kills them.

  7. No, I think top middle is in season 4 when the mayans are showing SOA the coke operation. Bobby is in the background, which is why I think that's when it takes place!

  8. Thank you ! Season 4 episode 7, I also found the middle left scene with the boat

  9. The top left could be from season 1 when half sack steals the ambulance.

  10. I literally have over 20 outfitted rods, 3 tackle boxes, countless single use tackle boxes, 3 spearguns, and a bunch of storage bins with extra gear, plus several ammo cans full of soft plastics. The good news is, i can't afford drugs.

  11. My grandfather always told me "If you get involved with fishing and hunting you won't have money to spend on drugs or alcohol." Which has stood true to this day

  12. Have you tried that ability that let's arrows pierce through walls/doors? I don't know if that'll help but good luck!

  13. You can fight it and it burrows around half health. I actually killed it once there and it didn't show up later

  14. I had a run yesterday where we got it down to less than quarter health and killed it fairly quickly on the second appearance.

  15. My dad had one of these reels on a rod of his. He passed away 12 years ago. After he died I used his rod and reel set ups for several years. I just took the last one I have of his out of my rotation and cleaned it up so that I could display it at my next house. Sorry for the ramble just feeling sentimental!

  16. I have a basket live well that I bring with me when I'm fishing on land/in creeks etc. I was out on Friday morning and had it setting out with some bluegill and a small channel cat in it and a water snake was swimming all around the live well and on top of it. I changed spots pretty quick when I realized it was just hanging around!

  17. When you zoom in all the way on the map you will notice the gold dots. Those are chests, there are, at least if I remember correctly, two minds of chests rounder ones and rectangular ones. One of those two types has supplies and the other has crafting supplies for gear. I can't remember which one is which, but I do remember that there is no sure fire way of finding out which chest it will be until you go to that gold dot. They can be in old raiding areas, towns, random houses, places that you had to go to for other miscellaneous objectives. Best of luck!

  18. Does that work? I’ve stood there for a while before and just assumed it didn’t come back if I was standing there

  19. If that doesnt work you can always watch it go to its end destination on the first run through. Then go straight to the end destination after starting it again and grabbing it when it gets there.

  20. I don't remember having an issue with the leveling in this game. I think I was like the above redditor who said they had the opposite issue. I would do a regions arc and then all of the side content within that region (that i could stuff like the daughters of Lerion had to wait until the end). This put me at a higher level than the area that I was going into next almost every single time. Best of luck in finishing the game!

  21. How did you offer to Thor twice? You mean the boat offering was given to Thor? Because I’ve given to Baldr twice thanks to that quest and I’m looking if I can make an offering to Freyja at all

  22. You get to make an offering for catching the pigs, picking out one of the offering packages from near the waterfall, and then the boat. You can make an offering to Baldr, Thor, or Freya for the first two and then I think,( or maybe mine was glitched) you can only make the offering to Freya and thor for the boat.

  23. I have been using smaller poppers for an early am pan fish bite, as the sun comes out I switch to bait under a bobber. Seems to put a decent amount of fish in the live well to me!

  24. I am just now playing New Vegas for the first time and Honest Hearts is my favorite dlc for the same exact reason!

  25. That’s what’s up man. And yeah it’s at the Walmart I live close to for the same price but I hear there’s a work around so I might try that first. What tribe are you?

  26. On my playstation 3 copy it is just on the disc. When you come out of the Docs house in Good Springs you will get all of the notifications for the DLC. I have no idea about it being region locked or not.

  27. I have no idea if this is any help, but when I booted it up on the ps3 the other day the triggers are automatically assigned to R1 and L1. If the problem you are having is aiming and shooting with the triggers maybe check with using those. If it is the buttons not registering as a whole maybe try re-assigning some controls in the settings

  28. I would say it's a fast action. It is a KVD rod which makes my brain think it's a bass rod and most of the average bass rods are fast to extra fast. There is a general way to tell what kind of action it is by bending at the op of the rod. The further down it bends the slower the action.

  29. I have used shrimp mixed up with garlic and that has done well in the past. You can also use chicken livers, hot dogs, night crawlers, any fresh cut bait (within regulations), on a private pond I used dog food to "chum" and catch some. As one of the other commentors said, they usually eat based on smell.

  30. I got my grandpa one size bigger than this box for fathers day 5 years ago or so, and he still uses it. He talks about it all the time. It is a really nice box!

  31. I am by no means an expert, but to me that looks like a beefsteak mushroom. Fistulina hepatica.

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