1. I know it’s unacceptable to touch the referee but Bruno didn’t even get a yellow when he pushed the ref vs Liverpool

  2. As much as us Croatians give him flack for some decisions(sometimes rightfully so), he has really stood up to the challenge ever since he arrived to the NT. 2nd and 3rd place in back to back world cups for a small country such as Croatia is a really big achivement and he was a big part of it. Now if we can just make it far in the upcoming Euros

  3. A is the best since you would probably want Haaland back and B would mean you would need two moves to bring him back

  4. Do you think Martinelli or Odegaard or Trossard?

  5. Odegaard is most nailed and likely to finish the game also takes loads of shots

  6. Always pick better players over player who have “good” fixtures

  7. It depends how long you were on caffeine and how much but normally 2 weeks-month is when it starts improving

  8. I think Psg would be better off signing more young talents from france than big money superstars

  9. I already did the Watkins transfer but i feel king of bad since i know Haaland could haul vs liverpool

  10. Looks like I might have to bring Chilwell in tonight.

  11. You know Potter will pull a bald and bench him for one in the dgw

  12. Yeah. My mistrust of Potter is why I didn't bring him in this week. Not sure if there's any "3 games in 2 GWs" players better than 2 GWs of Chilwell, though.

  13. Yeah judging from the past he likes to rest player even before must win games, but Chillwell is as attacking as they come, hopefully Potter doesn’t change a winning team and sticks with what works, although im waiting for the inevitable injury

  14. When we beat Napoli in the second leg in 2012, nobody expected us to win that match

  15. Just rewatched the highlights, wtf was Ramires , beautiful assist to Drogba for the first , crazy eye of needle pass to Drogba for Ivanovic's goal. Crazy game

  16. That team had so many characters and big game players, feel like everyone was giving their all and playing their best football

  17. Im thinking of getting him for the double and gw28 and then selling him for Maddison before gw29, i think having him vs Arsenal away is okay since Arsenal concede much more at home than away, like we saw vs Bournemouth

  18. Yeah I think he’s a good pick that’s flying under the radar. He’ll have super low EO, so a big win for us if he hauls.

  19. Yeah i think i will definitely go with him, if Palace score any goals he is likely to be involved, !thanks

  20. He's opposed to Sunak's new anti-immigration policy, so the BBC are bowing to pressure and suspending him. The BBC is also not airing Attenborough's new documentary because of "fears of backlash."

  21. Is bbc pro non immigration policy and pro right wing government then if I understand correctly?

  22. Even if hes maybe not the best manager he at least had passion for the club

  23. Can’t wait to vote on the goal of the month! Have a feeling it’s going to be a unanimous vote.

  24. Potter in press conference afterwards: We had good moments, a lot of positives

  25. Badiashile isnt in the champions league they said

  26. I think Potter signed in his contract that he must play a different 11 every game or he gets sacked

  27. Of course Robbo gets a yellow at 93’

  28. You kno tbe braveheart SCOTTISH WARRIOR had to show his wrath before the game is over lad

  29. Who else here captained Martin Ødegaard? We picked the wrong Norwegian, am i riight LADS????

  30. I dunno why white was even at the top for 3 bonus for most of the game. Gabriel had the way better defensive game throughout.

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