1. Yea I was trying to keep it to 1 page if possible, not sure what the general consensus is on length (also feels strange to have a 2 page resume for 1 company lol, but I actually even excluded one additional title that overlapped other positions for conciseness as it wasn’t data related )

  2. I’m the hiring manager below. Keep it to one page (I moved to two pages after I was probably 15 years out of school).

  3. I hire people like you (and have Georgia Tech Masters of Analytics people on my team). It looks good.

  4. My school (GMU in Virginia) is number 137 this year according to us news and world report. They have a top tier science program and a really good art program among other things. I got an amazing education there (not in one of those departments) and I don’t see how it would have been any better if I was at school #99 on the ranking.

  5. Funny you say GMU. I managed a team of 35 people, including graduates of Cornell, Georgetown, Northwestern, and Harvard, and by far the biggest super-genius on my team went to GMU.

  6. So we actually took a public bus to Pompei and the train back. My main recommendation is to just use Google Maps and you will be totally fine.

  7. What have you been doing when you weren’t in school between 2019 and now? That’s the first question I have when looking at your resume

  8. Oh, that was my internship, some people said I should keep the intern part off, I graduated Nov 2022 and have basically been searching since

  9. No, I mean, why didn’t you do any internships during your school breaks? And if you weren’t doing internships, did you have so other paid job? Even for someone who just graduated college, your resume is pretty thin.

  10. You should research the very interesting and controversial history of this! Including who may have actually written it…

  11. 100% fine. You're right that people will likely assume that you need sponsorship. I would probably just write Canadian Citizen.

  12. So data engineers are in really high demand and hard to find, you have that going for you. What I don’t understand though is you graduated from college three years ago but only have one year of work experience. What were you doing the other two years? Also, too much space allocated to projects for someone who has been out of school as long as you have.

  13. I’m vacationing without my husband right now!

  14. I completely agree with you, Suriname is a hidden gem with a unique blend of cultures and the stunning natural attractions like the Brownsberg Nature Park and the Central Suriname Nature Reserve are a must see. As for Tajikistan, it is truly a breathtaking country, with its rugged mountains, crystal-clear lakes and ancient history. I particularly enjoyed hiking in the Fann Mountains and exploring the ancient city of Penjikent. Both Suriname and Tajikistan are off the beaten path destinations that offer a truly unique travel experience, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for something different.

  15. When was the last time you were in Suriname and Tajikistan? (I’ll admit, now I am intrigued by “you”)

  16. Not sure where you’re from and where your applying, but I know in the US many employers automatically reject foreign candidates because they don’t want to deal with the cost and hassle of sponsoring them

  17. I don’t regret all foreign candidates (willing to sponsor) but I won’t consider any candidates who aren’t either currently in the U.S. or have extensive US experience

  18. Google says Jordan is GMT+3, I see a number of GMT+3 options to choose in Fitbit app, fx Istanbul.

  19. Thank you! For some reason when I looked yesterday I only had 8 or 9 choices but now I have dozens. I am officially in Instanbul.

  20. So I have been a hiring manager for many years and I very occasionally see something like this. Generally speaking I am more than sympathetic to something like this on a resume. I will say the only things that are a bit surprising to me on this is that the gap is a bit long and that now it says care has been established. If you don’t mind, can you share what the exact situation was? Maybe I can help tweak it.

  21. Minor comment (i run an analytics team and do hire foreign graduates that have OPT status). Get rid of the Spain study abroad thing, it’s distracting.

  22. Ever been to the Smoky Mountains? Lots of family activities in the area

  23. Absolutely the first thing that came to my mind.

  24. This is not the advice you want, but you can rent a uhaul pickup for around $20. That seems like a good price to avoid a huge headache later.

  25. Renting a Uhaul is both easy and cheap. Strongly recommend

  26. Mine is two pages without a problem. Probably helps that my number of jobs / companies is surprisingly low.

  27. I just started back at the beginning of the month after a little over 2.5 years stopped right before Covid. My old HRM stopped working and I didn’t bother getting a new one and honestly I think it’s for the best because now I don’t get distracted looking at the monitor. I do wear my Suunto watch during class though.

  28. Oh yes, I used one of their HRM today, but now that I have my Fitbit (and am addicted to zone minutes, not splat points) I’m leaning towards not investing in yet another HRM.

  29. Ok, I’m back with a report about my first Orangetheory class since March 11th, 2020. I can report that it is super-extremely the same. I did a good job of pacing myself on the Everest and was totally fine.

  30. That thought had also crossed my mind..

  31. Wadi Rum is in Jordan so why not explore what Jordan has to offer, especially since you likely won't go again (your words).

  32. Yeah, that's my inclination as well. I can imagine going to Israel in the future, but not going to Jordan again.

  33. I went in a group of four women and we felt very safe; I would not hesitate to go alone. Self-driving was easy and affordable so there was no having to deal with transit solo, which is often one of the iffiest parts of traveling. I didn't experience any harassment in Jordan, which is a rare occurrence for me because I tend to stand out and get a lot of creeps.

  34. Thank you so much - I am thinking that I might want to do a group tour for at least part of it. If nothing else, I think I will enjoy it more. I've...never actually done a group tourbefore!

  35. Yes, EXACTLY like the TV show only VERY little crime! (And you can walk right down to the Lodberrie which is the exterior used for Jimmy Perez's house in the show...)

  36. That is very inspiring! I think I'm going to skip it for this January trip, but I think I could convince the family to go (also, none of us have ever been to Scotland!).

  37. I'm American, east coast, and would love to go to Tulsa because I've never been. Congrats on a unique, out of the box vacation. I've made some great friends traveling to places off the beaten path - you'll be able to have an American experience that I've never had and I've lived here my whole life! Christmas is amazing in every part of America I've been to so I'm sure Tulsa is no different!

  38. I also have been all over the world, have never been anywhere in Oklahoma and am totally jealous of your trip.

  39. I've never been but have always wanted to go to Tybee Island. You could split your time between there and Savannah!

  40. So I went to Tybee Island for the first time during covid and really enjoyed it, but wouldn’t recommend it for what OP is looking for - among other things it’s really not that close to Savannah. I like the San Juan, PR idea and throwing out a destination I haven’t actually been to - Cartagena, Colombia

  41. I loved Andy’s Total Strength program. You will feel accomplished after it.

  42. This is to put an oil tank into. If it leaks, the oil will stay in the tub.

  43. As someone who had to pay $20K to remediate an unground oil leak while selling my house (the EPA was involved!) this seems like an incredible idea

  44. In a chain of errors, 100 gallons of oil being delivered went on the basement floor of our neighbor’s townhouse, through the floor drain to nowhere, and into the ground. It had to be cleaned to the highest standards because it was in drinking water feed area. Three years and a quarter million dollars later it was cleared, just before they were going to rip out the foundation again.

  45. Fundamentally bad things happen when oil is involved.

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