1. I genuinely don’t believe she did understand exactly what she was doing. I think she obviously understood those poor babies would die but I think she genuinely believed this was necessary because Chad was telling her it was. I think she’d believe ANYTHING he told her.

  2. Fair point about moss. I guess when it come to the penalty phase we'll hear all kinds of opinions... unless she can flip against Chad but if she does there's the murder of Charles vallow waiting for her in Arizona.

  3. Yeah no, she won’t. But I think the outcome in this case will be the death penalty for Daybell and life without parole for Vallow.

  4. Ok lets get it straight. Russia still winning this war no matter how much west spent on it? I am pro Ukraine but seeing this after 6 months and after so much propaganda nees from west Ukraine should already win this. But lets be honest. Its not looking really good.

  5. And here you are right. Just look how much America benefitsl with every single war. Its a joke to think that Russia alone started rhis. Is america would stfu for ance this war wudnt hapoened. And everyone who thinks with a small amount of brains know this. Ukraine shudnt be in Nato thats what they singed and fck you if u think Russia should allow this to hapoen. Americans are pigs and all world knows this.

  6. Well, at least you're up front about your opinions, I guess. I don't agree with them. In fact, I think they're a little unhinged and it makes me question the foundations of any comments you make.

  7. Absolutely right…I think she is good to go, too…right now. But the more she thinks about those terms (enhancement and death penalty) the more aware she is the slippery slope she is on. I hope her misplaced pride keeps her from collapsing under the guilt and she keeps it together long enough to go to trial and is indeed judged. I’m just worried that after a day of hard truths, a breakdown could push her over the edge. For someone who claims to be a warrior for Jesus, she looked a little unsure of herself.

  8. i would not be surprised by a suicide attempt. not predicting it, just think it's possible. she looked like a pretty good wreck to me. lucid, but pmuch a mess.

  9. What is with her Ariana Grande hairstyle? Thinks it makes her look younger or more innocent? Not at all

  10. I came from Des Moines. Somebody had to.

  11. "Polly Solo Miller was the perfect flower of the perfect family". - Family Happiness, Laurie Colwin.

  12. You’re absolutely right. I’m currently caught in a cycle of not wanting to read all the books I bought, buying more, then not wanting to read them because I have too many to choose from and then I have to buy more and so on and so forth 😭😭😭

  13. you described me and my knitting habit. which is not so much a knitting habit as 'knit a little but keep buying yarn' habit. and not so much a habit as something i cracked down on myself for.

  14. lol. this is so me. i've been working on myself to go outside more to shake off the lockdown lifestyle. last weekend i biked all the way up to this big mall and there was this whole ridiculous do-si-do in my head about i have to eat, but i want a book, but the bookstore's too close to mcdonalds, so if i go buy a book will i even hold off till i can get to the place where i do want to eat, or will i just give in and eat at mcdonalds' for the sake of instantly starting to read.

  15. Short answer because on phone: I suspect you may need to acknowledge you've lost an identity you were conditioned to see yourself as, and some of your unhappiness is due to not liking the one that's replaced it.

  16. I hadn't really thought about trying to fill those gaps. I'll give it a shot. Thank you.

  17. excuse the long text . . . bit of a pet subject for me. cherrypick at will.

  18. Then I guess I have a thing that bees and wasps love 😓

  19. I used a squeegee mop, but not too wet, and I wore eye protection.

  20. I call them out. It's usually fake,passive aggressive "concern" and it bugs me. People who actually have been hurt don't deserve to see their misfortune used or portrayed as an insult in casual conversation.

  21. You can even be passive-aggressive while calling them out at the same time:

  22. seems like incel pot-stirring to me. the premise itself is pretty shaky.

  23. i have her column collections and this is the ephron i think of when her name comes up. the columns are really great.

  24. i say 'yes, a lot of people tell me that' and move on. not that my voice is deep, but i get similar nothingburger remarks about other stuff.

  25. i have a friend who is terrified of dementia. and depression, i guess. she saw what happened to her own mother after retirement and is self-aware enough to recognize some of those struggles would be hers too.

  26. am including personality disorders in this, i guess. but anyway:

  27. Totally agree with you. It’s just hard to stomach her seeming delight in smiling so much for the camera in light of her charges.

  28. Oh sure. But the person I answered seemed specifically offended by her hairstyle. Which is .... silly.

  29. She really colored her hair, put it in a semi high pony, and came to court looking fresh as a daisy for a hearing on killing her kids...nice.

  30. Most defendants put a best face forward for court appearances. It's their right.

  31. karla holmolka should never have gotten put of prison but she did

  32. Sponges you use in the shower aren't actual sponges. They're synthetic. The animal sponges are AFAIK never used as shower sponge.

  33. What? He asked if he can eat 3 buckets and not gain weight. It totally depends on how much he burns. If he burns less than 3 buckets worth of calories he'll gain weight, more and he'll lose weight.

  34. My bad, you're right. I was looking at the thread title and top question.

  35. No, that's irrelevant to the op's question. [ETA: I was wrong]. A bucket has the same number of calories no matter who's eating it.

  36. [M19] title says it all, I find it very hard to get vegetables down without just about throwing up. Lettuce, onion, celery, asparagus, tomato, etc. I find them all very hard to take down due to the taste(or lack thereof) and/or the texture. It's been like this as long as I can remember and my parents never really forced me or incentivized me to eat my veggies. At this point I've gotten to a weight where I know that I need to just deal with it head on but genuinely for some reason this is the hardest hurdle for me.

  37. Sister yes brother no, but there is still solidarity with them both. I don't like or agree with or even approve of my bro but providing for him is on my "if I won a fucktillion dollars" checklist. Just so long as I don't have to hang out with him.

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