Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1- "Enter the Dragon" (SECOND HALF OF FINALE)

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  1. People who say GME doesn't follow TA haven't watched tradespotting lol he can call the price to the cent

  2. what nonsense. He'd actually be a billionaire by now if he could

  3. again, he'd be insanely rich if he did it a high percentage of the time.

  4. just pushing back on potential Chinese bots. Youre too dumb to be one of those though

  5. do you know what a bot is? they arent actual AI a lot of the time lol

  6. The hate for Gates is pretty amusing

  7. dumb people take what they read online and run with it.

  8. always love when people on LSF take one clip and make the hole country seem bad

  9. and it seems to not matter anymore, the vaccine doesnt seem to work to well vs omnicron and with each new variant they seem to be getting weaker anyway

  10. No he wouldn’t lol Chandler is way smaller and has no defense. Masvidal’s body kick would be a nightmare for him to deal with.

  11. lol whens he gonna throw it? Chandler would pressure the shit out of him

  12. I remember when $400 was the fair price for a video card

  13. back when you could make a game for less than a million dollars lol

  14. I still can't believe they're passing "Overwatch 2" as a thing. They've done literally nothing except stop release content for 2 years and release it all at once.

  15. they still havent released the pve part of the game yet so they did actually change a lot. I guess they just didnt want to split the market between 1 & 2's pvp modes

  16. But Americans buying anything isn't the problem. It was the Fed pumping $48 trillion into the stock market between 2019 - 2020. Even more now. We had very little (I'd argue damn near nothing to do with inflation).

  17. booo this man! boooo! also this is shining a spotlight on how few people here read past the headline. How embarrassing

  18. I feel like people give Kanye too much of a pass because he’s seen as someone with mental health issues.

  19. His disorder causes these feelings of grandiosity though. The reason he gets a pass from me is because I know with treatment he will be able to see that himself. I myself went through similar feelings of invincibility during my teenage manic episodes and I didnt have a billion dollars and fans to exacerbate the issue. I was lucky enough to get and be open to treatment.

  20. the dumbest part of this logic is hes actually fighting over his ego in the ass grabbing example. He'd fight somebody breaking into the house regardless if there was a woman inside with em too. He doesnt care about women

  21. And despite having money and women all he can do is cry on social media.

  22. thats his money maker. he was largely irrelevant even in kickboxing before his social media push

  23. I bet if he wanted to run as a democrat they'd let the posts stand

  24. Help me understand this. We cash out our shares. Our cash is now worthless right? Isn’t this what they are waiting for? They’re delaying our winnings to the point when our winnings mean nothing.

  25. If it gets to that point wont we will have bigger problems than money?

  26. No. You never sell your shares. You take out a loan and use your shares as collateral, you basically get to set your own price. As the price of the shares of GME increase, because no one is selling…You own assets that are a company who will be fundamental in the future financial system. Let alone the essential “naked debt” that the hedge fucks will be liquidated out of as their bad bets get called on. You own what the world wants and you don’t have to give it to anyone. Diamonds in your hands. 💎 🙌

  27. why do people keep thinking this is possible? I think its clear there needs to be a reset as too many people are on the hook for our bill after hedgies collapse. Since system cant be reset until this debt is clear, we'd have to sell during moass so things can start to recover.

  28. It's so depressing. Digging themselves an early grave and a lifetime of comorbidities, throwing away their health, hobbies, reputation, relationships, just for money and a sick fetish. What a waste of two young lives.

  29. to be fair, plenty of jobs affect your health for a better than average wage. Doing this has got to beat working a in a mine, or several other dangerous jobs. This is just a sad alternative

  30. I’m not even all that interested in the pre-fight stuff either. It’s not like these two have any sort of history, so there’s no “real” beef between them. If this was expected to be a close fight, it might make the pre-fight shit talk interesting, but that’s not the case.

  31. same thing applies to floyd vs conor and that banter was great

  32. But if you stake and LRC price goes up, does your amount of LRC get reduced?

  33. No, but if the price goes down you have whats called impermanent losses.

  34. ask yourself why people need to borrow your currency. They use it to make loans, to short, or fund exchanges of currency. OP saying they cant think of a risk to staking isnt a good thing.

  35. Obviously glad the US isn't this bad. But for the last two years, the most craven parts of American society celebrated the lockdowns which stripped so many of our civil liberties. Still pretty bad.

  36. the people killing themselves working hospitals needed the shutdowns. If we didnt shut down then people would have been turned away to die in their homes

  37. Do you really think China releases real numbers on their prison population? Or anything for that matter?

  38. we can see their prisons from space lol. Unless they are holding people underground our prisons out number theirs and they have several times our population

  39. This knight fighting for 2 queens at the same time. Respect.

  40. wow she voiced both vtubers at the same time thats impressive

  41. will the boycott even work with that much money on the line?

  42. Does schnell train with rhonda rousey? similar head mooment

  43. I uninstalled a few months ago after reading Kalandra patch notes, I love the game but not the state its in. :(

  44. the combat has always been trash, how did you people love it in the first place?

  45. i tried to hate him because of his braindead an toxic takes but his stream is genuinely extremely entertaining. there are two wolves in me - one that hates bigotry and one that loves to be entertained

  46. they are just two aspects of yourselif not wolves you cringe furry.

  47. Tim Pool is the guy all the right wing commentators pretend to be, and Kanye/Fuentes is the guy they all actually are.

  48. they all pretend to be insecure bald guys who cant help but remind you they finally have a gf?

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