1. When I hear the term harshest U-turn, season 27 with Tanner and Josh springs to mind.

  2. Cans/Candy wasn't a harsh detour. Both tasks were reasonably challenging.

  3. I don't know. I think the evidence on this task is inconclusive.

  4. https://www.tvguide.com/news/amazing-races-joe-1016277/

  5. Fair. TVtropes even calls this trope “He who fights monsters must take care not to become one himself.”

  6. Well, he's definitely achieved that already. I guess the curse is over.

  7. Ugh I want them to get rid of James AND Ryan is that so much to ask for? Hate that James going means Cassidy is too

  8. This editing… they literally said if they saw James there they would vote Cassidy. I’m not complaining. I like her, but I’m lost on why they voted for Ryan.

  9. Jesse and Cody said they considered voting for Ryan because he could be a “challenge beast” and they believed that sparing Cassidy would give them a chance to work with Karla in the future. I am astonished that Gabler voted for Ryan as well since he wasn’t even shown considering it though.

  10. Loses a challenge. Heather and Duncan convince Owen to vote her off.

  11. Harold in TDA. Seriously robbed. I remember recording the episode when it first aired and I immediately deleted it because it made me so sad and angry. (I was 10, alright.)

  12. Just watching 7. Can't believe Meredith and Gretchen were stripped of all money and possessions in South Africa midrace!

  13. I wouldn't quite say she was portrayed as a pure hero, but nonetheless someone we were supposed to root for

  14. Like, yeah, out of nowhere Jacques and Josee do turn out to be outlandish cartoon villains, but it's not foreshadowed well.

  15. Yeah. It tried to pretend Glenda and Lumumba still had a chance, but it was pretty obvious they didn't.

  16. What genre? Any clue what decade it sounded like it was from?

  17. They told a child that the blue fire on a stove is cold.

  18. Flo’s breakdown in Vietnam was epic. I still remember it. I wonder if her and zac are still friends

  19. Yes, Zach and Flo are still on good terms. They actually did an interview with Reality TV Warriors last December.

  20. I bet all my money if this season happens and Michael and moe are on there then they will be eliminated 1st 3 times in a row

  21. What if the first leg is a non-elimination to go with the theme of second chances and Michael and Moe come last on both of the first two legs? That'd be hilarious.

  22. As in, I would want to see them, but I don't if it's likely since many people I talk to consider them to be the most satisfying first boot ever.

  23. The fact that Nancy & Emily could've survived and potentially even made Final 3 had they had not given up on the relatively simple Detour lol

  24. Yeah, if Nancy and Emily survived that leg, they definitely would have gone for the Fast Forward in the following leg.

  25. Jet (or both of them depending who you ask) is extremely homophobic. Supposedly, Jet called Jordan a 6-letter word that rhymes with "maggot" at the finale viewing party within earshot of his mother.

  26. Yeah, honestly, this was a weird episode that just left me feeling perplexed as to how I was meant to feel. Huh.

  27. It really is. Everyone just seemed to surge ahead or fall behind without explanation.

  28. Simple, the episode is terrible and it has no value towards teaching morals.

  29. Fr. It could have just been something like "Her parents moved." and that would have been completely fine.

  30. I LOVED this guy. He was so exciting and enthusiastic. 2000s Nick had so much enthusiasm and uniqueness to its advertising and events.

  31. I gotta say TAR 11 and 18 both had perfect first boots.

  32. What the heck do you have against Kaylani and Lisa?

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