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  • By - yam12

  1. 1 year sober from cocaine. The first 6 months were hard and it gets so much easier the further away you get. I thought I was going to die and that there was no hope for me. I’m not religious but if there is a God out there…thank you.

  2. I’m 32 and have been in my slut phase since I was 16.

  3. I wish I had foreskin :( I feel it is a stupid practice.

  4. No more political signs OR text messages. I’ve literally gotten 20 in the last two days and I reply stop to every single one and they won’t stop coming in. I donate to Planned Parenthood which is how I think they got my cell phone number. Wish I would have used a fake number.

  5. Not for me or my SO. We don’t get into other relationships though. Just mess around on the side if we want as long as we are home when the street lights come on.

  6. I’m leasing my 2022 XC90. It’s an amazing car but I also worked at a dealership for 8 years. Expensive European cars…can they last forever if properly maintained? Yes. Can literally everything go wrong with the car and it live in the shop and drain your bank account? Also yes.

  7. I worked in customer service at an airport for many years. The worst celebrities I’ve met were Halle Berry, Selma Blair, and Usher. The nicest I met were Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and Stevie Nicks.

  8. That was my interaction with them. Most celebrities I’ve met were nice. Something about the behavior of these 3 told me this wasn’t their first rodeo. Like you literally fly all the time…

  9. I really don’t care who is in the bathroom with me. Cheers

  10. This is the only story I want to hear. The fact that he taunted the inmates just shows how deliberate his actions were to begin with. There’s no insanity there, just a racist psychopath.

  11. Yes, I read that a lot of people thought he was “slow”, but he had an IQ in the top 2%. He was smart AF and he knew exactly what he was doing. The playing stupid was just to manipulate people.

  12. And he’s still richer than 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the world.

  13. Been with my husband for 7 years and we are open. I would say 2/3 gays that we know are in some type of open relationship. However, could be different from place to place.

  14. Relocating from Phoenix to Chicago on November 1st. Got a place in Lincoln Park. I’m excited!

  15. I literally just did this. “Consider this my resignation. Amanda will grab my things from my desk. Thanks” I was one of the top performers in the company and they had us on 12 hour per day 5 day a week schedules. I left 30 min early one day and my boss had the nerve to text me “why did you leave?” So I sent him that text. taking a couple of months to mentally recover.

  16. If you were surviving just fine off of $19k then continue to live that lifestyle and invest the rest. Max out your retirement accounts and invest into index funds.

  17. This should be very interesting. I’ve never felt anything below 35 degrees. Thank god the XC90 has heated seats and steering wheel lol. If I’m not mistaken it has a snow mode too. I’ll have to check on that.

  18. 32 y/o in sales, no degree, and I made $290k in 2021 and I’m trending to make $200k this year. Mortgages. Unfortunately :(

  19. People work hard for their cars no matter if it’s a $5,000 car or a $100,000 car. Nothing worse then some asshole slamming their door into your car that you had to grind for. She is being an amazing role model for her daughter! Need more moms just like her!

  20. Battle Born is def top 3 favorite albums for the Killers. I can’t listen to WW, it’s cringe worthy for me. I just pretend in my mind that it didn’t happen. Lol

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