“They (AEW) beat our developmental system, good for them.” - Triple H speaking on AEW


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  1. Alright, if we’re going with this, I guess here’s some wrestling company, soft drink comparisons:

  2. As a firm believer that Dr Pepper is the best soft drink and that New Japan is the best professional wrestling promotion, I approve of this list.

  3. Hated most of his segments but I give him credit for genuinely being invested in the business and looking out for his perceived wellbeing of it.

  4. The only wrestling segment I've seen on WWYD is

  5. I suppose it's possible it could be from Double Dare, but what vague memories I have of this was that it wasn't in-studio with a dedicated group of contestants. It was a one-off segment where they pulled people out of the crowd. Hmm, I'll have to try digging through Double Dare sometime for some leads.

  6. It definitely wasn't those Double Dare episodes. They feature Gorilla Monsoon, Brian the Brain, Mr. Perfect, and Hacksaw Jim. I only mention them and the WACK segment because I thought you might be interested as a collector.

  7. I think this is a case where it simply hasn't surfaced online (or is was part of a very rare pilot). The fact that I've found absolutely nothing on this from both wrestling and Nickelodeon communities tells me this isn't a very well known one. I believe there were something like 90 episodes of WWYD? aired, and there's definitely not that many online, so it still be a good long while before there's any sign of this (if it ever pops up at all).

  8. In a way, maybe it ends up being a wakeup call for the company? They've made a lot of head scratching decisions this year, and while internet criticism only holds so much sway, the number of people in the building and attendance figures send a louder message. Hopefully this signals to Tony Khan that he needs to change things up, because the current direction for the company is slipping.

  9. A lot of people mentioning new markets, but Seattle isn't exactly doing record numbers either. Buffalo while not an entirely new market was average at best for the first show. I think a big issue right now is ticket pricing has gone up dramatically at a time when things like food prices are also out of control.

  10. Buffalo did somewhere between 5500-6000. Honestly, that was pretty good all things considered. We're not a huge city, and the price hike impacts us more than a Chicago, NYC, etc. because we're very much a blue collar community. WWE was here in April and it did 7300. I also don't think it helped that the Bills were playing the opening game of the NFL season the very next night. A LOT of fans were on the road in LA to attend that game, and the city was laser focused on that matchup for the whole week. Just not a ton of attention being paid to a new, #2 wrestling promotion.

  11. This is a serious contender for the worst mic segment in AEW history. Even the Brandi/Dan Lambert exchanges got reactions from the crowds for most of their zingers. This had flat out silence from the PHILLY crowd at times. Just remarkably awkward.

  12. I genuinely like their attire. The hair/eye color is completely ridiculous, but honestly, I respect the artists for committing 100% to the ridiculousness.

  13. Is anybody else really hyped that we've got more missions at the Infernal Springs?

  14. You could probably cross off KOR and Lucha Bros as well.

  15. The Lucha Bros are guys that aren't mentioned a lot when it comes to The Elite's closest associates, but should be. Fenix and Penta seem to have an enormous amount of respect for The Bucks (and thus Kenny by default). The two teams have worked so well and so often over the years that I could absolutely see Fenix and Penta having The Bucks' backs even if it meant eventually walking away from all AEW opportunities.

  16. Was there on Wednesday in Buffalo, highly recommend watching Claudio/Dax. They put on a very good match together.

  17. I've grown to become an absolute mark for The Acclaimed and they deserve every bit of praise they're getting lately, but damn do Keith Lee and Swerve deserve a ton of credit for how amazing that match was and how engaged everyone is in this angle. You don't have a classic match without a capable dance partner. The way that Keith and Swerve have so seamlessly leaned into being the heels (but without suddenly and inexplicably becoming complete scumbags) is expert level work from them.

  18. I get that both of these are bigger names, but doing a Darby v MJF rematch would be a lot more fun, make for a great story and the fact that both are proper homegrown stars is just icing on hte cake.

  19. I'd rather see Darby be the one to someday dethrone MJF for the title. That'd be a really satisfying comeuppance after the way their first angle ended.

  20. This is far more insulting to NXT Black and Gold than it is to AEW. To describe what the B&G roster were doing week in and week out as "developmental" is hugely underselling the quality of work they were putting out.

  21. Barioth is a real contender for my favorite monster in the whole series.

  22. Absolutely! His courage is beyond measure. In the books, Aragorn cries out "He cannot stand alone! Elendil! I am with you Gandalf!" And Boromir is literally right behind him: "Gondor!" And leaps onto the bridge with Aragorn, but it is at that moment the bridge collapses and they are unable to help Gandalf.

  23. I always would like to have seen when Gandalf casts the shutting spell on one of the doors, but the Balrog busts through it anyways. I think that could have been a cool way for the Balrog to first appear on screen: Gandalf casts the spell on some doorway right before the bridge while the rest of the Fellowship runs ahead, and the Balrog comes crashing through like King Kong through the Skull Island village wall.

  24. Is this the first ever Ospreay vs Naito singles? I had that as my guess for a Kingdom matxh and thought they were saving it

  25. Pretty wild to think that the two have never had a singles match for all of the years they've both been in NJPW. I expect nothing short of a classic between them.

  26. I marked out at home watching it on NJPW World haha. You have no idea how jealous I am that you got to watch that live. That's incredible! I was lucky enough to watch him at least once in person, he came here to Buffalo, NY a few years back for one of the Ring of Honor/New Japan tours. I got to meet him beforehand and get a picture with him. Alongside Kenny Omega he was the wrestler I've been most excited to meet in person.

  27. Mid 2012, right around when Aces and Eights started their run. I hadn't enjoyed TNA for a few years up to that point (the Hogan/Bischoff arrival really soured things for me), and I could just tell that the Aces and Eights stuff was not going to be of any interest to me, so I eventually just fell off the wagon until I was only keeping tabs by reading results and watching YouTube clips here and there. To me, TNA's last great year was 2008, with a handful of good moments happening in 2009 as well.

  28. That's interesting. I kinda hoped that Teostra was just an anagram for Toaster

  29. Not sure why but this almost made me spit out my coffee laughing.

  30. The lack of any affinity whatsoever is definitely disappointing, although the sword works very well even with just level 1 of Grinder (s), and having a 4 and 3 decoration slot is nice. I don't think it's necessarily worth going out of your way to forge, but it seems like it would be a fine LS for a lot of raw with the right skills.

  31. I believe that symbol shows up on the mortal savant outfits. It's the symbol on the chest plate.

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