1. I am surprised there is this post that is surprised there is a reddit for PRS

  2. i hope intel hits more of the top end for the next generation

  3. I think it is and my reasons may not be the same as yours, but the fact that there is no borrowed power system in place is huge. I think a lot of the last few expansions volatility were from these sort of things. It not like it was exactly as before but I am not as young as I was and dont have the time dedication that I use to.

  4. what is that pedal in the lower left.. looks like a step sequencer but probably not. I've always wanted something like this besides the adrenalinn that i owned previously.

  5. I believe you are referring to the Gigrig G3 loop switcher?

  6. Thats nuts but I've noticed a lot of modern places/businesses etc utilize a lot of older technology... if it isn't broke and all..

  7. mechanics>>>>>>>>> dps any day as long as the boss is cleared. Trash guy, trash guild.. dont take it personal

  8. Normally I dont like most fuzzes but the BM PI always just sounded a bit different to me. That and all the good smashing pumpkins songs with it anyway.

  9. so get a setting and place the tooth as the centerpiece and see which of your friends still stick around.

  10. That’s awesome your daughter is getting into playing. As a dad myself, I can only hope one of my daughters does the same. My unsolicited advice is if she gets to the point of wanting a more expensive guitar, you have something to hand down to her that will remind her of you every time she picks it up to play.

  11. I expected agent smith to multiply at any time

  12. China doing typical china things. Sad thing is since blizzard is pulling out it will probably make a decent chunk of money

  13. Would be cool to hear a before and after

  14. I bought a $50 lekato looper pedal off Amazon that I threw on my board

  15. Man cant really beat that thing for 50$. Thanks for the info

  16. care to share what brand / chair this is so i can too join in the swampassery

  17. Normal is probably 50 % harder than LFR but the big problem with LFR is all the lazy people (whom always seem to win the loot).

  18. The current drivers are fine. If you need one an audio interface is cheap.

  19. Priest in general feels like it has gotten the short end of the stick... And I honestly blame PI for a lot of it.

  20. This is 100% true. I would give up PI in an instant if they would resolve some of these issues

  21. The PRS 3-way SE blade switch is only $16 on the PRS site btw. You're looking at the American-made one for $60.

  22. Yea I figured it came with the prs se guitar and wanted one that was a little better quality

  23. Any standard 3-way blade switch should work, but $25 is still way overpriced. Oak Grigsby is the standard and they are like $10

  24. Man you guys over the pond find some really cool old stuff. Only a tiny bit jealous over here in the states. I would have that looked at by some historical society or someone that knows a thing or two about roman relics. Great Find

  25. I think both have their pros and cons but I do believe blizzard would benefit if they would take a hard look at raids and how they work and make some adaptive changes to this old system.

  26. Props to you and sorry about the accident. Next Halloween you could nail the ninja turtle look though

  27. Wow is being wow. Like others have said big populated cities fps loss is a result of ye olde game engine. If your getting 60 fps now then I am guessing you will be fine in raids and instances.

  28. beautiful finish on that thing. I'm still waiting on a decent price for a cu 24 10 top. Even the SE range has gone up in price right now I just cant justify the cost

  29. 3) the person contributing least to the group effort wins all the good stuff

  30. This 100%. The person that dies early in the fight always gets the reward

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